aka Bartech

  • I live in Tech Island HQ
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is Undertale attacker, Dimension Traveler, Hero and scavenger.
  • I am Male
  • BartechTheScavengerTraveler

    I don't own Clover. 

    Clover woke up as a kid, in a illusion-dust area. 

    -The heck?! Why am i a kid?! Where am i?- Clover kept asking to himself. 

    [*You try to go left, but you started to sink to the ground...]

    -Hello little...- Someone whispered


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  • BartechTheScavengerTraveler

    It needs to be a your custom mario stage, enemys need to be SMW koopas, and 2 goombas, put them not close.

    Put smg4 at the start, jumping on a koopa.

    No start castle.

    No signing yourself.

    The flag needs to be a warp pipe.

    needs colors.

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  • BartechTheScavengerTraveler

    (Doing this for a presence for an AU.)

    Bartech: Sooo, im done watching Flight, what now?

    Suddenly Error broke into the tower.

    Error: Hey stupid! Wanna DIE?!?!!!?!


    Bartech goes into an AU Portal, leading to Ultra!tale.

    Bartech: Woah, it is sooooooooooooooo DED.

    ????: Hey, are you not supposed to be here?

    Bartech: The heck are you?

    Sudennly Error appeared

    Error: You idiot!

    Bartech: Oooo heck no!

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    Error: NO!!! YOU, YOU, YOUUUUUUUU-

    Bartech: Cameras, on!

    Bartech and the rest went to Underswap

    End of Chapter 1.

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  • BartechTheScavengerTraveler

    Bartech: Here we go. I like making fanfics, i just had to... Please notice and ENNNJJOOOYYYYYYYYYY

    "IS THAT A GLITCH PORTAL!?!?!?!?!?"- Frisk shouted. "*Glitch voice: I would rather not going in... Like my FFFAATHEERRR dId....*"- Sans said.          "Since when did you... Oh i forgot?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!- Frisk shouted again....... 

    Bartech: That was Ep 1 AKA Minisode timey 1...... You can call it a page, too.

    Frisk went inside the portal, ignoring Error!Sans.

    Bartech: Sorry, this is bad and im gonna make a R3B00T soon.

    R3B00T!Gaster: I have been coded.... T0 G3T RID 0F Y0U!!!1111!!!!111111 

    Bartech: Uh oh.... I need to find a cure........

    R3B00T!Gaster: I see no cure in the future... BUT YOUR DEATH!!!

    Bartech: O_O!? >:( I NEVER DIE!!!!!!


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