Hey guys, while I am working on my AU, I have decided to write something related to it. Had a lot of fun writing this little piece of text. I hope you also will have some fun reading it too. Please tell me, is good, or bad?

       One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, after eighth hit flower was  nothing more then a mess of cut petals and stalk on the ground. Even through Frisk promised himself: "This is the last time", his hearth was still uneasy. For what he has done, there could be no redemption.

        "Howdy, partner," familiar cheerful voice pulled him out of his heavy thoughts. Chara always remained the same each run. The same delighted voice tone, same wide smile, even her look was the same. 

         "I presume you have a reason to throw away your "perfect happy ending" just to come here again. You were almost there, you just had to make few more steps to exit the Underground. But here you are, standing right here, with everyone's dust on your hands one more time. Is there something wrong, partner?"

          "Yes, Chara. There is a reason. We need to talk," he planned the whole thing he will say the  whole way back to this hall, but when it came to speaking, he had to force himself to spit out words. Chara was the one he always had hard time talking.

          "To talk? Then it is going to be an important talk, since you have abandoned everything you have worked for, just to come here and talk to me in person. Alright then, partner. Talk."

          "I know the reason, why you wanted my soul. You want me to bring you back to the surface, then you will take control and finish what you have started a long time ago, you want to provoke humans to start new war," Chara rarely changed her facial expression, but this time Frisk noticed a glimpse of surprise in her eyes.

          "Wow, I am impressed, you always was a smart partner. You nailed it, this is exactly my plan. I am actually glad you have managed to see it, now we both can enjoy this little genocide!"

         "Not going to happen."

         "Huh? So you don't see how we will be able to do that? Leave it to me, partner. You have done your part wonderfully."

          "I don't like being used, Chara. I want my soul back, our agreement is over," Chara answered with laughter, it took some time for her to calm down.

          "You can't be so stupid. You can't kill what is already dead, remember? You will just—" Chara plunged into her thoughts for a few moments before continuing, "You always was smart. You have walked the same trail to make me alive again, to get a chance to kill me in a fight and get your soul back," Chara made a short pause giving Frisk a suspicious look, "And since I am alive, and both of us have equal amount of determination, none of us would be able to reset without permission of the other. Fine then, since you don't want to be my partner anymore, I will give you the fight you are looking for and then I will load your save file and complete the thing alone. Let's go the, let's see how you learned my fighting lessons," barely finished, she pulled out the dagger, from seemingly nowhere and stood into stance, "First blow is yours, "partner".' 

       Frisk did not kept her waiting, soon enough air was filled with the sounds of blades cutting the air and the sound of clanging metal. Chara actually missed her fights with the other humans, killing monsters was to easy, even without reset ability, few of them could  put a decent fight, fighting humans was so much more fun, there was no room for error, one hit and that's it. Chara was excited to fight human again, but her long break from it took its part. Chara didn't noticed that Frisk moved his leg slightly to the side and parried his low slash instead of backing off, she already launched her next attack, when Frisk has suddenly stepped right and forward piercing Chara with dagger, right after finishing his blow Frisk stepped back to make sure that Chara won't stab him back. 

 Chara knew that her wound was mortal, she taught Frisk herself, after all. She did not ever anticipated to fail like that, but still, Chara gave Frisk a weak smile and forced out a congratulation, "Great job, partner. You really were a good student. See you later, in the ruins." 

       That is all what Chara had time to say before her legs failed her and she fell on the ground. Her death was much more merciful this time, there was almost no pain, only cold. It felt almost like falling asleep. This was a sleep from which Chara never woke up again.

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