>The scene starts in the Tiki Hut of Solitude<

Castellar: No care 'bout the bling bling bro, there ain't nothing to do, oh man, soon it's over and you'll sing the walkin' blues oh bo-

Showcard: i'll 'ave you sing the walkin' blues when you're ------- dead!

Carrot: he has no soul, Showcard, there's no point crappin' on his fun

Showcard: welp, * decapitates Castellar's leg * atleast, I can do that, 'ey?

Castellar: sometimes, i'd like to s--- on ya parade too, bud!

Showcard: meh, i'm bored... but, today's been great!

Carrot: and why is that exactly?

Showcard: I haven't seen any over-powered characters all day!

Castellar: um, hello? We both have no soul? We might be a tad over-powered? Act like you care about my existence?

Carrot: and... what if he said no

Castellar: no? * pulls out a knife and turns on Pop Goes the Weasel * he wouldn't exist * begins to slow the music down *

Showcard: Carrot... Carrot, pal, run!

>Soon, Showcard and Carrot go to a random timeline that Castellar doesn't know about<

Castellar: s---, now I have to get off my lazy ass and do something to get Showcard 'n' Carrot back in that party of a house.

UTAUWiki and AU Characters: 'ey! Party!

Castellar: god, get out of my god damn house * cleans the bed a little ( lenny face ) *

>The UTAUWiki and Characters leave once Castellar goes down to the room of 9999 convenient timelines<

Castellar: righty, let's * Castellar gets sucked through a small hole in the ground * S---!

???:I heard ~...

Castellar: that I like gettin' drunk?


Castellar: well then, count me in, bub!

>two hours later, Castellar is vomiting due to time travel sickness<

Castellar: god, I think... I broke... my mouth?

???: then don't get cocky, mate!

Castellar: alright, alright, can I ask who the hell are ya?

Goudy Stout: I'm ya western pal, Stout!

Castellar: wait, s---, you are?

Goudy Stout: heh, * squeezes Castellar's slushie until it goes into the crack of his eye * yes... I am!

Castellar: huh, cool crap curry coated crembrulet! Say, could ya help me out? Me friends, Showcard 'n' Carrot, went to some random timeline that I 'ave no hidea 'bout, could ya... 'elp me find 'em?

Goudy Stout: sure thin', pal, sure thin'

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