Here we are, chapter 2 of the thing everybody is excited for but nobody wanted, Overthought Drama Chapter 2. Of course, if you don't know, each post will have a sponsor before the beginning and... this is it? Whatever, who cares.

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Hesitation. It seemed to be the only thing that would ever seem to come and go, patient waiting, twiddling my thumbs, the routine never got more different than just that. Calibri just sat there smoking and, like usual, looking like she didn't care for anyone here, including me; I found it difficult how she could stay like that with those two boys over there. I could imagine them sassing the teacher, doing things like 'when the teacher asks them a question, they respond with: I DUNNO, CAN YOU GET A FULL TIME JOB! And then the class burst into laughter'. But, if I was to be honest, I would be terrified about Calibri: it seems like she can read minds, because somehow she new that I watch the Eh Bee family series. But, that was nothing to worry about, as the two clowns continued there bizarre challenges like 'how much smoke they could get out there bodies' and 'how many ways they can be used as a Pea Shooter from PVZ'.

Soon, the teacher came in, she wore a green comfortable coat with fluffy wrist spaces on the end, a black dress that didn't go well with her look hence, she is a skeleton without large hips. She has a grey scarf with black curves covering up her large neck, finally, she has some large high heels that... somehow complimented her. Her name was Mrs. Linowrite, but the two skeletons called her 'Mrs. Rhinowrite' which was kind of humorous. Off of the subject of the teacher, Calibri leaned forward towards me, I sensed she was going to say something confusing or intelligent, but, to my surprise, she just handed me a cigarette and winked at me. Knowing her, I tried to figure out what it meant, however, nothing sprang to my mind, just emptiness and more hesitation for the teacher to speak; I even checked around the cigarette, there was not even a note on it, just an empty, unlit cigarette. Needless to say, I waited more for the teacher to finally begin.

Mrs. Linowrite: Good morning, class! My name is Mrs. Linowrite and I will be your Literacy teacher! Now of course, before we start, I am to take registration every morning, so, try to be as enthusiastic as you can for today's first registration!

Then, she began, 'Good Morning, Budmo', 'Good Morning, Insomnia' 'Good morning, Ancherr' 'Good Morning, Times New Romance' and 'Good Morning, Rechtman'. It felt like it would never end, but, I didn't really pay attention, I just looked around; I was startled how many people I hadn't noticed! There was one boy who was practically plugged into a computer and was called 'Computerfont', very boring, but, I get it, he part of a computer, everything about him has to be a bore. Another person would have half his head shaded and wore a cowboy outfit; it looked like he was ready for a five-year old's dress-up birthday party, but, if I said that, I'd be dead in less than a second, so I continued to stay silent. His name was 'Docktrin', that means a series of statements underwrites a religion or a belief, I know that I'd be learning from him. However, the two clowns, who were still doing bizarre competitions like 'How many times could they get told off for shouting an insult in class', had their names revealed: Showcard and Castellar.

At last, after the tedious lesson finally ended, we were off to have a break; I was suprised how long English actually was, it took nearly five hours to get through! Not knowing who to interact with, I stumbled across the hallway, alone; Calibri was messing with Castellar & Showcard and Oliver... well, I could not see him but I was assuming he'd be in the dormotory sleeping for the entire lesson. Soon, on my idol way of stumbling, I accidentally and unfortunately bumped into someone, our bones rattled in sync, but this girl looked at me in digust.


This girl was loud, god, she was loud. I felt sorry for the two people beside her, they'd have to listen to her constantly shout everything she said, it would be a pain living in their shoes. However, amongst all this, I recognised the girl from when I first entered the University, she was always dressed in pink, she had a cute white puppy in her suitcase. I was too late, I had only now entered her selfish, boastful bubble; not to mention, her extremely loud bubble! "Um... I apologise! I just was idoly walking around, I'll just leave!". With that out of the way, I attempted to leave, however, one of her 'crew members' fiercly grabbed me by the wrist and snarled at me.


God, she was obnoxious, obnoxious and loud, practically the stuff of nightmares! I looked to Calibri for advice and attempted to signal her, however, no signs of her were around nor was she visible by anyone else; I like her that way. I smiled at Secesja, she just gave a snarl and disgusted look. Still attempting to please the bratty skeleton, I beamed a smile, cocked my head once looking to the floor briefly, turned my head back to her and scratched my skull. I mumbled under my breath "Of course I'm in your way, probably everybody's in your way" and then looked back at her "Well, if you excuse me, I must be getting on with learning; I'll be late, otherwise. Peace out!", And with that, I was off to my next class: History. I could hear the girl shoving everybody out of the way and saying things like 'I have better things to do than watch you LOSERS mope infront of me'. 

Once walking to class, a felt a cold, depressing chill roll down my spine, warm air splashing the back of my skull, I was being followed... I turned around to go eye-to-eye with the creature, but it was more like 'eye-to-stomach'. I slowly looked up and saw the boy from Secesja's small friend gang, I was annoyed, so annoyed in fact, I threatened him with a sharp Bone with sweat rolling down my fore-head. He put his hands up, suggesting the gesture of surrender and feeling slightly guilty at the same time; because he did this, I put made my bone disappear, but I would keep it company when I needed it. "What do you want from me?" I said at last, my hand on my hips and at hand. Finally, he unclenched every part of his body, adjusted his stylish choice of clothing and kneeled down to get to my height.

Vivaldi: Listen, I want no trouble, I want nothin' from you, but I'm just gonna warn you about Secesja. Here, take my card. The name's Vivaldi, but, just call me Vlad: it's easier to remember because of 'Vlad Dracula' and it's simply shorter. I'll also give you this chip, it has the things you need to know about Secesja and how to stay on her good side.

Vivaldi already put up a strikingly nice conversation, and I had only asked him a question with a harsh tone on my voice too. I felt exceedingly guilty, but, I'm glad this guy's so friendly, if he wasn't, I'd be stuffed in an oven for supper! I was just curious about how he was so pleasent and so kind to me, not only that, but why somebody as horrid at Secesja would carry him around like an anchor on her thick shoulders. With that, he looked side-to-side from his shoulders and threw me the chip he was talking about, I examined it and then smiled at Vlad. Happily, I walked off to my next class with my head held high ( for some reason ).

Here I am, in class as happy as can be, especially after interacting with Vivaldi, I was once more waiting patiently for the teacher to come in and begin her monolouges and learning business. Calibri was then seated next to me and greated me with a simple 'heydy' and we began to engage conversation with eachother. Soon, I told Calibri about how I wanted to talk to Castellar and Showcard; whilst talking to Secesja and Vivaldi, I completely forgot about what I was hoping to do today. She explained to me that they were two of her several cousins and that I should 'simply pluck up the courage and talk to them'. We exchanged several gestures when finally, with the wierdest and most nervous look on my face, I walked over to them to try to have a nice conversation. "H-Howdy!" I said not knowing what the response of those two clowns would be: I mean, they did the wierdest things, what would you expect from them?

Showcard: Huh! Well won't ya look at that! A beauty walkin' over to us to engage conversation.

Castellar: * with tears in his eyes * I've never been more honored!

Showcard: Welp, howdy, beautiful! Me name's Showcard 'n' if I'm bein' 'onest, for someone as nice as you not to know that would be a deathwish to me!

I was too flattered for words to leave my mouth, but at the same time, slightly disgusted: I had never met anyone who immediately tries to flirt with me and seduce me! Showcard began growing metal parts from his arms, legs and even his neck, which I found slightly disturbing and Castellar just pushed these parts back in his body. "Um... I was just wondering how you were doing..." I said at last feeling like an idiot. Showcard look at me and snickered slightly and Castellar just noogied the guy, soon after this, they both had a conversation and then turned back round to stare at me some more. At last, breaking the silence, Showcard finally began to say something.

Showcard: Huh! Well, I'm doin' fine, matey! Ya seem like'a nicen'! How 'bout this, you ask the teacher for an 'athroom pass, 'n' meet me in the pub, y'hear? Good, now hop off, sexy!

I nodded my head in pure agreement and turned around walking back to Calibri; the walk turned to a fast-walk, the fast-walk turned to a run and the run turned into a sprint, I didn't care that is was eight metres away, I still 'walk-to-fast-walk-to-run-to-sprinted to her. I were to tell her everything, what I said, what Showcard said and what Castellar said, except that wasn't too much, but, I didn't care, I still told her. She looked at me, happily, especially since she would have a thought that I might marry him and we'd be cousin-in-law. Calibri gave me a friendly yet hard pat on the back and gestured me to sit down as our teacher came in to began her... teaching... I assume.

Our teacher, Mrs. Rakoon, wore an extremely long, fluffy coat that was disturbingly made from bear fur which she probably man-handled herself. Along with this, she wore black leather skinny-jeans and a hat than was made from racoon fur and had a racoon tail hanging out from the back of it. She always carried a shotgun that had blood dripping from the end of it, even more ominous and creepy than her actual normal outfit. Mrs. Rakoon had entered class looking at everyone with a menacing look on her bleeding skull; I was still confused on how skulls could bleed, but, I refused to question her. With a large hesitational silence spreading throughout the room, Mrs. Rakoon shot a target and, after an unnecessary marble run and small puzzle, the register dropped into her hands from above. Again, everybody was said good morning, 'Good Morning, Budmo', 'Good Morning, Insomnia' 'Good morning, Ancherr' 'Good Morning, Times New Romance' and 'Good Morning, Rechtman'. Soon, it was the moment of truth, I was to ask the teacher to go to the toilet ( okay, it might have not been the 'moment of truth' but, hey, what are you gonna do? ). "Um! Teacher! Please can I go to the toilet?". Clearly, she must have been either one, slightly high, two, quite drunk, or three, she was a humorous teacher because she responded with "I dunno? Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you?" I looked at her with a strange look on my face and sighed, clearly, I would be annoyed by her if I didn't respond correctly to anything. "Uh, may I go to the bathroom?". I was annoyed that I was made to say it again and correctly, but, I would get used to it.

Finally, after a long argument/conversation, she let me go to the 'bathroom' where I would meet Showcard and have my date and realise my first day already had overthought drama.

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