So... I decided to make something everybody was waiting for but nobody wanted, a series where a skeleton gets offered a place into Multiverse Font University and she accepts. As she ventures through the school, she finds new friends, makes enemies and the touch bit more drama enters her life. Before we start, I'm going to begin with some sponsors.

First of all, I would like to give a sponsor to Midnight from DILTOR for giving me permission to use Siren, Oliver and Clover in my series, Overthought Drama. This project could not be complete without that special permission request so thank you so much!

Second of all, I would love to sponsor Dafont, a website where you can download custom fonts to use in Microsoft documents. Several of there custom fonts will be mentioned in this series, like Sherwood, Bleeding Cowboys, Budmo and, the main character, Rosart.

Well... that's it. Here begins the story of Overthought Drama.


As I leave my parents warm arms, I enter a dark new atmosphere into the rusty train with a comfortable alone seat that is seen before me. I enter in, tears of sadness streaming down my face, thoughts rushing through my mind like the train itself and nobody to talk to, nobody to interact to, just me and a gray atmosphere. After a long and tedious experience of waiting, the train began to turn his rusty wheels against the tracks; I sighed heavily a waved as long as I could to my loving mother and father before they began to fade into the mist. Now, I was starting a new life- I, Rosart, will begn my new adventure through the Multiversal Font University- not knowing what would come but always being prepared for what was going to happen.

Patience... I just had to stay patient for what the future held for me; I hadn't seen anyone enter or exit my carriage, it made me feel exceedingly special yet extremely ominous at the same time. At last, the train came to a sudden halt with a figure standing there, looking highly as impatient as I was, however, when he stepped on the train, I knew my boredom would finally fade and disappear. Unfortunately, to my surprise, he simply sat down and embedded his face into a newspaper- of course he'd do that! To my annoyance, I scoffed and dag myself harder into the sofa, but he still didn't care a bit for me, almost like he thought I was another spec crawling on the face of this planet. I could imagine being him, his face stuck inside a dry, soulless scrap of paper with depressing articles painted all over it, everything around him just being black and empty. well I think to myself, if he's gonna stay with his face dug in the world of crap, so be it. Then, I resorted to hunting down what I could see of him... that was only black baggy trousers and untied white trainers; not the best idea if he possesses a colossal newspaper covering up most of his body. So, I guess I'll just count how much dust I see in the air... one... two... three-hundred and twenty-two... three-hundred and twenty-three.

Soon, the figure looked up at me and began to interact, at last.

???: Um... might I proceed to wonder, what are you partaking in, um.... Rosart?

I was terrified, I wondered how he knew everything about me just by looking at me, my name, or as he likes to put it 'acquaintance', my age, my living space and even my room number: 472! I soon responded accordingly. "Well, I was counting dust hence I had nothing else to do... h-how do you know my name, anyway?'. He had no answer, just a satirical laugh, I refused to be offended and laughed with him, but very awkwardly.

???: I had a slight feel every subject would know that by now and possess the ability, however, I'm for once incorrect... I assume I should introduce my self.

I stared at him with a look of disbelief, he clearly tried very hard to be intelligent but slightly failed when it came to his ego. It was irritating, but I would live with it. "Yes... yes, you should...". I finally blurted out after a long hesitation continuing with a sigh.

Gus: My acquaintance equals Gus, but, I ask for you to label me as Kristen.

I glared into his sparkling eyes, or... pupils for a long time and then offered out my hand to shake his. I was dazed in his words, I didn't care that I could hardly translate them, I just was mesmerized but what he said. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Kristen!". He simply laughed after I said this, perhaps the thought that I would call him 'Mr. Kristen' replacing his first name in his unknown surname. After a short laugh, he would continue speaking.

Gus: Are you possessing label of a new subject?

I was confused in what he meant by 'label', a word he would continue to say in most of his words and dialogue, but I would be determined to answer his question regardless. After a short five minutes of translation in my 'clearly-not-smart-enough' mind, I answered his question whilst adjusting my glasses. "Um... no, I am a transfer student...". He looked at me like I was insane, he must be thinking I was a transfer student that could travel multiverses, that reputation would get me in serious trouble. I could hear him mumbling the words of something like 'A female transfer student who can travel multiverses... never seen somebody like that'. Of course, I didn't really care about what he thought of me, I was just worried if that brain would go to use and report me, or something. After an awkward pause, he continued.

Gus: You scared? Anxious? Worried? Nervous you'll get bullied?

Stunned, I immediately knew my response "YES!" I blurted out worried I would spit all over the carpet despite being a skeleton.

Gus: Well, do not fear, bully is just a label, a thing somebody calls someone if they're tough and exceedingly mean to others. It's like a lot of things, 'Jock' 'Nerd' 'Girl with loose morals', if I were to say 'wow, that guy's such a jock', you already know a lot about him without me having to explain his entire tragic life history, uh, do you understand or am I just going into boring detail again?

After he said this, I hesitated again thinking about what he just told me, this made me feel much better and much more calm about my journey through the University. I gazed at him with sparkling eyes once more; it was even more mesmerizing to hear what Kristen had in-stock. "No, I understand what you mean, Kristen.". I sat back down, dazed and slightly confused but not at all worried.

Gus: Hmm... well, that was indeed a pleasent conversation! I shall be seeing you a round.

And with that, he sat down, saluted me and continued reading his newspaper; he occasionally paused to think or look around and see the view, but otherwise, he just stayed embedded inside the newspaper.

Conveniently enough, the train came to a halt, me & Gus were finally at our destination, the Multiversal Font University. this is it I thought starting my new life, persevering to start my new life and get my degree here, this is going to be awesome! Gus walked into the distance, ideally not interacting with anyone and just getting on with where he'd be going, probably in an abandoned forest with a comfortable dormitory, sipping tea in a dressing gown with fire in a fireplace lighten up, comfortable, but slightly ego-centric. Do I care? Not really. Beginning my journey, I venture my way through the buildings, in forests sighting other skeletons playing. Many people stood out to me, like for example, there was a small threesome, two girls and one boy, the girl in the middle looked like the head one, slightly cliche as she looked all dolled up with stuff like a cute white dog and a purse. The second girl looked pretty menacing, hell, she even had a frickin' mace that she always carried around, along with this, a black tank-top and skinny jeans. Finally, the boy had a denim jacket with a red t-shirt and a cute beanie hat, he looked a lot like he didn't want to be there but was dragged around everywhere they went. I tried to ignore them, it was for the best, really.

Later, the bell rang, an announcement was made.


Soon, the bell rang for a second time; confusing but I would get used to it after a while. A swarm of skeletons with rattling bones entered different buildings. However, I spotted one girl, she looked like she didn't care at all for this place as she was sitting down on a bench smoking; disgusting... but, she's a skeleton, I can't blame her. She took examined me very briefly and then looked back down in the corner, but with wider eyes, she looked at me again and grinned. She walked up to me, still smoking, and looked around me, head-to-toe, back-to-front.

???: Huh... well you look as pretty as one of them 'eople in that Proactive plus 'vert or somethin'.

She sounded like some sort of mob from 1950 that always ended every sentence with 'see', so I avoided snickering at the thought of it. She wore an orange hoodie with a blue overcoat, on the orange hoodie there was a picture of a cat's face but the colors with Inverted. She had blue skinny jeans and large blue slippers: she really didn't care what people thought of her then. I finally responded, "Um.. is that a compliment or an insult...". She just laughed, it seemed satirical, but Gus would tell me otherwise. She then showed me a nametag that read: Calibri. I looked at her and she was boredly grinning; I often refuse to grin because my teeth aren't really ever in the best of conditions.

Calibri: Anyway, 't's great to see ya 'ere! You're gonna be me new roomate, along with Oliver, that is. 

I was slightly confused how a fontless, half-skeleton could get into the school, after all, this place must have humungous standards if it's the only one in the entire multiverse. So, I responded accordingly. "How did Oliver get in if he's one, not a font and two, only half-skeleton?". After a second of Calibri smoking, she finally responded.

Calibri: Well... in his time when he either wasn't sleeping or doing stuff with his cousin, he was faking his identity trying to get into this school. He also cleverly bribed the headmaster, Mrs. Constantia, by giving her a bottle of pills and convincing her that 'The Cheerio brand was made by cows'; how he got in from that just confuses me.

I could imagine that it would confuse everyone; why would saying 'The Cheerio brand was made by cows' get anyone in and, if I'm being honest, why would it NOT confuse anyone!? But, apart from that, I noded my head in a white-lie manner. She signaled me to follow her and we went to our dorm, I looked around at the wonderful view, a forest in the distance, a water fountain in the middle of the whole University and sunlight beaming down at us. I was remembering everything Gus had been telling me on the train, I wouldn't forget his wise words about the 'label' on others. Calibri looked at me like I had knew him. As we were walking down the hallway to our dorm, she asked if I knew him and since I trust her, I responded "Of course! I met him in the train on the way here".

Calibri: Huh... well, I'm 'is cousin and many people you may notice 'ere probably is me cousin too, like 'ol Oliver I told ya 'bout. I'll tell ya more when we're in our room.

Finally, we entered our room, room 472. Calibri unlocked the door, looked at me excitedly and opened it up, a large light beamed inside making it difficult to see, but, I could tell that when the curtains were closed, we'd be in leasure. Inside, we found a comfortable carpet that had a pattern of red, white, brown and then dark orange, there was a nice set of lamps carefully lit to a lovely shade, there were three king-sized beds, which was a bit of a stretch. There was a kitchen on the side and a bathroom where the kitchen is; I thought I'd be getting leasure, but room 472 had it all! 

Calibri: I know watch ya thinkin', 'why do we 'ave such a great room?', well, ya see, we 'ad a raffle where someone would pick a numbe' and wait until Septembe'. Lucky us, we 'ere the only pepes 'o chose 472, which was apparently called 'e flood room. What 'appened was a massive flood came into this room due to a leak and thin walls, so they 'ad to rebuilt it for next year. Lucky us, we got the room, and now, we're livin' the life of... leasure, I'm guessin'. Anyway, choose ya bed, dumb ya sh-t there, avoid the 'mount of smoke you'll 'ave in this room late' and we'll be off to ya 'irst lesson, soon.

I stared at Calibri and smirked, I can imagine her calling it 'cute', but, I didn't really care if she did or not. What I was more curious about was who her 'cousins' was and why I would notice them, what was it about them that would make them noticable? Their attitude? Their trates? Their appearance? But, that was a question for later, because now, it was our first lesson, after several minutes ( that felt like years ) of waiting, we finally began the first lesson of our University.

Here we are, inside our class, everybody was early and mucking about, I'm assuming I'd be seeing that a lot around here. Next to me sat Calibri, I was assuming she would become my best friend, so, I'm glad to know I have a right-hand lady. We had a discussion about what lessons we'd have, how excited we were, what our teachers were like and then we stopped to look around. Everybody was talking, making dumb faces, but two skeletons were going overkill, doing things like 'how much cigarette smoke they could blow before their breath ran out' or 'how many people they could charm so much that they'd faint'. Calibri stared at me and then looked at the boys, she then gave me a look of 'I'll tell ya 'bout them later'; in a mob accent because that's probably how she speaks- if I'm not careful, I might just inherent it-. So, my mission tomorrow was clear, I'd talk to them, interact with them and see what they were like.

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