Ink!Sans sees the letter on the ground and decides to take the route. Soon, he enters to two strange creatures. One appears to be a fox like creature with elegant fur gently placed on to her skin. The other seems to be a drunk skeleton smoking. Ink! senses there names. They go by Gus and Luxray.

" Oh, heya bud, we don't usually see people around, especially where we are. " Exclaims Gus," hey, say ahhhh."

" Gus! You do not do this trick on people who visit, remember the last visiter? " interrupts Luxray.

" yeah, yeah, no need to say. Anyway, what do ya need? "

Ink!Sans looks at the counter. A large amount of carrots, blueberrys and cigarretes are scattered there. Ink shows a disgusted look to the two.

" Hey! Don't blame me he's the smoker! " bellows Luxray. Her voice echoing through the ally. Gus gives a kiss to Luxray .

" And i'm drunk too! "

" Ugh, i've gotten 1,000 kisses from you and that's only today! "

" Hehe, don't sweat it, friend, after all, your favourite band is KISS hmm? "

Luxray starts chuckling and then stops the laughing when she sees the look on Ink's face.

" Anyway, wanna get anything from our store or just hear us banter? " Exclaims Luxray.

Ink looks on the counter, the cigarretes, carrots and blueberry's are gone and replaced with items such as a paintbrush,a portal and a galaxy key. He points to the paintbrush. A happy look crosses Gus's face, " finally, no more INK staines on my shirt. " Jokes Gus.

Ink!Sans starts chuckling but only slightly. He then leaves the alleyway with a look of happiness. He soon hesitates.

" Now, you don't need to go in their, because we need to warn you... " starts Gus

" that place is a key to... well... let's just say that people have came through things and never came back... We're kind of scared of that place... But... Just be careful, after all, Nitroton is a... " Continues Luxray. She hesitates but only for a small while.

" Nitroton is a... creator. "

Ink!Sans starts to walk slowly away but a determined look crosses his face to stop this starter.

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