> The scene begins in one of Showcard's casino's called: Gamblers 'n' Cigars. Castellar, Calibri, Calisto, Gus and Forte are all in booths beside a large table with a green cover. Very soon, Showcard comes in with his wife, Goth, what happens next is all in dialogue.<

Showcard: Alright, you f---ers! You actually need to be 'ere for a reason, not 'cause ya wanna get hooked up with someone in 'ere!

Calisto: THE F---! HOW DID YOU KNOW!?

Showcard: 'Cause I'm smart, 'listo, y'hear? NOW! BACK TO MY S---! We're playin' a game of Poker, make ya deals, ya bets, ya f---s, everythin'!

Gus: What is it with your subjective form and the f nuclear explosion?

Showcard: Because as a kid, I was RAISED UP THE F------ WAY I DID! You 'ave a problem with 'at?

Gus: * growls * No, but watch your profanity.

Showcard: * leans closer to Gus * you f------ watch your f------ profanity f---face!

Gus:Alright, alright.

>The group go back to their betting, Gus whispers something to Castellar who is currently drinking a slushie like he usually does. Castellar's face lights up and winks at Gus.<

Castellar: Okay, Showcard, let's have a deal! Cliche!Sans, cover ya ears!

Cliche!Sans: * covers his... 'ears'... despite not having any *

Castellar: Alrighty, if you win, you get all my money... but... if I win, you get kicked out!

Showcard: * hesitation, he then smirks * DEAL!

Calibri: I always thought you were an idiot! And lookie here! I was right!

Showcard: SHUT UP, F---ER! I know what I'm doing

>Twenty hours later<

Castellar: Hmm... * he throws his cards down and smiles * CHECKMATE!

>Everybody looks at Castellar with confusion<

Gus: * he leans over to Castellar * Castellar, we are partaking in the entertaining activity of Poker, we are not partaking in a fine round of Chess.

Castellar: Oh... Then... what do I say?

Gus: Oh boy... you really are dim-witted- You use your vocal cords to pronounce the existence of the words: Big Chick.

Castellar: ...AH, THANK YOU! Big Chick!

Showcard: * he smiles then looks at his cards * Knights of the Round Table

Castellar: W-Wait, what?

Showcard: * he leans forward and tries to get Castellar's money * Sorry, pal, but I have ya money now! * he continues to lean forward *

>As Showcard is leaning, Castellar spots an ace hidden in his blazer pocket.<

Castellar: * he takes the ace out * The f---... YOU F---ING * his voice goes extremely deep when saying this * CHEATED!

Showcard: * he looks at the card * Wah! How did that get there! * he looks at Goth * Come on, beauty we're outta here!

Castellar: Now! * he teleports Showcard and Goth to a random bar near a house * We're goin' 'ome, we 'ave some money to spend!

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