Long long ago, in a multiverse far far away, a war broke out between SPYRO'S AND CRASH'S- * take two *- A war broke out between Monsters and... Monsters? Two timelines crashed together, in peace and harmony, they created a city and built an empire for multiverses to live in matrimony together. The king's daughter was born this very day, this would be a day to celebrate for all Monsters everywhere. However, the second king felt otherwise, his kind should not have celebrated a day from another, he would proclaim. Next... FREAKING WAR BRO! * take three *  Next... war broke out between these two timelines, setting their harmony aside. The second species were triumphant and locked the monsters in a new multiverse, never to be heard from again, the rest is history. Many years later, a small child, known by the name as Frisk, explored through the depths of the forests. The child discovered a mountain and, like any NORMAL child would, they climbed this mountain. To it's cliche of a surprise, they fell down, what a plot! 

CastellarTale Frisk

Frisk: ...* silence *

>Frisk explores through the piles of cinder blocks he landed on<

Frisk: Thank god, this broke my fall, if these weren't here, I would have died! I'm glad they exist! Where am I anyway...

>Frisk here's a voice in the distance, it's continuously saying: Wait until they come, wait until they come, wait until they come, wait until they come. Out of morbid confusion, Frisk enters through the doorway. Scared of what's coming, he still enters peaking through the stalls. There, is a shadowy figure of a flower he does not recognise.<

???: Oh! You're here... well it's wonderful to meet you!

Frisk: W-Who... are you? 

>Frisk steps closer to the shadowy figure... he takes an umbrella of her head, it appears to be a Peony<

CastellarTale Peony

Peony: Mellow greetings! I'm PEONY, PEONY the... PEONY... I guess... You must be new to the timeline, ey? Well, you're just in luck! Your precious pal, Peony - Hey! It even has alliteration! - Will guide you through here! Now, let's get started on that little thing in your chest!

>In a small box, a red SOUL appears<

Peony: You see this? Oh... it's a SOUL... * scoffs * Well that's not original! * turns around * COME ON, WHO MADE UP THIS SH-T!? Anyway... that's your * she snaps her fingers, they turn into a pair of lungs * LUNGS! You can use these on enemies to suffocate them! But, that's when it's your 'turn' because, of course! We can't be realistic and have to follow the laws of the game! So, when it's an enemies turn! They'll attack you! However, they can give you LOVE! What's that, you ask? It's something all pals need to be true best friends! You see these GREEN PELLETS? They are things that can hurt you! However, these WHITE PELLETS are friendly! Go ahead, run into them! I'd love to see you get healed! 

Frisk: * he takes a step forward and the white pellets hit him, he begins to choak *


>As Peony forms a sphere of, they hit Frisk killing them... however, a penguin catches the shards of their SOUL.<

???: What an ignorant flower torturing such a... hideous child! MY GAWD! * take two *

>A figure steps closer to Frisk, their name is Troduct, their species is a penguin... what's there else to explain?<

CastellarTale Troduct

Troduct: Well, here I go for the seventh time! Welcome! To the Shiver Temple! My name is Troduct and it's a pleasure to meet you! * she begins to fluster * I am so happy to find someone like you in a place like here! I haven't taken a selfie with a HUMAN in such a long time! So it will be amazing to have you hear! Anyway, come on! I'll show you around Shiver Temple, we'll have too much fun!

>Frisk steps forward, as Troduct leaves, he explores the Ice-black room, a voice is heard in the walls, it's chanting: ...Purpose? ...Free them all... . It continues doing this until he steps away, scared, Frisk continues through the doorway into Shiver Empire, looking astonished, he gazes upon the ice cracking through the walls, above Frisk, they can see three staircases leading through to an adnormaly large igloo, between these staircases, a shimmering Sun symbol is visible, Frisk inspects it then touches it. A voice can be heard saying: Seeing the sight of such beautiful ice temple, it fills you with a substance, you call it: Perseverance. Continuing on, you see Troduct waiting for you very nervously.<

Troduct: Here, there are buttons made of fire! Well... they aren't exactly MADE of fire but, they have fire on them so, yeah, you get the idea! Since I am way too scared to do it, how responsible am I, I'm going to let you have a hunch of a try!

Frisk: Well... I'm glad you're responsible...

>Once Troduct is checking her latest stats on her cell phone, Frisk is inspecting the area, checking the walls, ceilings and floors, he can't find anything... he inspects a crack in the wall... Behind this crack is a sign: Use what's around you! Frisk looks on the floor to find the ice blocks he broke from the wall, picking them up, he realises to throw them at the correct pattern of buttons due to the answer being on the wall - the answer for the correct pattern of buttons - Still staring at her phone, Troduct continues checking her feed but this time, it's something else she's doing.<

Troduct: DIE YOU EVIL PI- Oh! I see you're done, well then, we both have something we can occupy eachother with! C'me on, follow me!

>The proceed further into the cold, iscolated area, inside the next room, there can be frozen bridges above an ice-skate rink where enemies and other monsters are stuck skating there, happy as can be. Around the room, other ice decorations construct a beautiful little area.<

Troduct: Here, you will see camera's on the wall, don't worry, I've labelled the ones that make the puzzle set free! Here's... oh... y-you don't have a phone... W-WELL THEN! I'll just have to give you one! 

>A phone is handed to Frisk, it's, surprisingly, an iPhone 7! Putting it to good use, Frisk begins playing on it... However, all apps and texts are blocked, this includes Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. The one thing that isn't blocked are Pilek Maps, Phone and Camera.<

Troduct: Now that you have your phone, I must tell you what to do with it, you see these camera's?

Frisk: * head nod *

Troduct: These are what you must take selfie's with... what are selfies you ask? They are something like this!

>Troduct takes out her selfie stick and hinges her phone to it, next, she stretches the stick out as far as she can, not a uphamism, she puts two fingers over hers eyes, winking, and sticks her tounge out, she then takes a picture of her doing that.<

Troduct: That is called a selfie! Here, you give it a try with your new phone!

>Frisk goes to one of the cameras and does what Troduct did. Suddenly, several spikes explode and get erased from the multiverse.<

Troduct: Ah, the power of selfies... come on, follow me again, we have much to explore!

>As they continuing moving forward, a small room can be seen in the distance, inside the room, a zombie is seen, shivering and shouting: HELP ME! They progress into the room, where, on closer inspection, they find the zombie stuck in a metal cage.<

Troduct: Here, you see a zombie, trapt in a cage, if you want to, you can kill it, but, I'd go for the mercy but, it's your chose! Go ahead, try talking to it!

>Frisk looks at the zombie, it begins reaching out to him yelling: HELP, PLEASE! Frisk looks at the zombie and takes a selfie with it, nothing happens except their feed increases. Soon, Frisk searches around the cage, behind it is a key. Frisk picks up the key and slots it in the keyhole. The zombie leaves the cage and smiles, looking forward, he leaves the room filled with determination.<

Troduct: Well... well done, I didn't even know the f---ing solution... well, come on, this way! You'll be seeing another puzzle!

>Troduct leaves the room, Frisk is still staring at the zombie happily. Next, Frisk steps in the next room where he sees a huge yellow beetle, they're sneering at Frisk. Soon, a pair of lungs enter a small white box.<

* Yellinta takes a stand! Or does it take a crawl?

Frisk: Um... Can I take a selfie? * he takes a selfie with Yellinta however she covers her eyes and hisses at Frisk, soon Troduct comes in a blast's an ice ball at Yellinta, freezing it *

Troduct: Wooh! Nevermind her, she's quite the feisty one! Anyway, over here!

>Beyond Troduct, a puzzle can be seen, since she's too scared to cross it, she is waiting nervously for Frisk.<

Troduct: Here, you will be able to see a puzzle! However, once more, I do not know the frickin' solution, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, here's what I'm thinking! I'm thinking we can throw you across to the other side!

>Troduct picks up Frisk and they put their hand out. Troduct them prepares to throw Frisk like a ball, soon, Troduct throws him but in the water.<

Troduct: Well, that didn't turn out as planned! Come, I'll hop in the water! * She throws herself in the water and begins doing backstroke * This is nice, let's just stay here for a while! * she keeps back-stroking in the water *

>Frisk sighs at Troduct and hops out the water, they ignores Troduct who does not notice them, continuing on the rooms.<

Frisk: Hmm... where is there to go... onwards? I think so...

>Continuing on, Frisk encounters many puzzles, falling down and damaging himself, they are practically lost in Shiver Temple. Later, Frisk here's a cigarette cracking type sound.<

Frisk: H-Hello? Who is there... I-I have a wind-guster!

>A figure steps forward inspecting Frisk, he then smiles, he's wearing a pink shirt and has stubble by his 'chin', he seems to be strangely plump and quite bored. His name is Evandook.<

CastellarTale Evanbook

Evandook: Heya, sweet lookin'! 'Ow ya doin'?