So, Obsd's little thread was very cool and I liked the idea of it a lot! So... naturally, I decided to do one myself. Shoutout to the kid for making that thread too! WELL DONE, PAL! 


  • People who have done face reveals will have a different look to what was their, because, if I'm honest, I don't remember one.
  • If you find any offensive, I apologies, this is just for the laughs and cool fanfics... I'm not self-absorbed.
  • Nothing overly sexual ( heck, probably nothing sexual ), don't wanna get the impression that I'm a perve, cause I AIN'T!
  • Finally, 'ave fun!


  • Bone Apetit: A comfortable black beret, cute little blue eyes, below the beret, fluffy normal-sized hair, surrounded by random chairs. Blue unzipped hoodie with the t-shirt saying: ART 'N' BOOKS! Baggy black trousers with three white lines symbolizing respect, recognition and kind to others. Finally, some shiny black shoes that are slightly too small for her.
  • LunaDeamanic: Blue long hair reaching down to one third of her spine, normal green eyes, sitting on a cliff-side alone looking up at the sunset in thought. A dress with occasional flowers that can be found placed there, they represent care and consideration and shorts underneath the dress. Finally, some normal blue shoes.
  • Vincent Endethyst: A double scar across his cheek to represent pride and dignity, spiky black hair with a red bandanna on his forehead, looking at the world in a twisted manner. Wielding a large sword that he uses to chop his foes... and food, a dark brown hoodie with a machine gun on his back and brown skinny jeans with holes in them. Finally, he has long green shoes.
  • TheNitroFlamer: Wavy, dark blonde stylish hair, eyes that usually look like he's bored, in his room with 8-bit sprites and pixels scattered in their. A white hoodie with a black/red Papyrus battle body underneath to represent fun and determination, normal gray trousers with hand-pockets on them. Finally, orange shoes with black untied laces.
  • Alphasaith: Short spiky black hair with a white-top hat that has a green stripe where it ascends, a firm look on his face and a scar on his lip. A black tie with white small lines, a black blazer with two pens in his top-pocket to represent solicitude and custody, often with his hands in his waist pockets. Black smart trousers with pockets on them. Finally, he has black shiny shoes.
  • What you expected me to do myself? Pfft! What do you take me for!?
  • SomeRandomWriter: Long, red hair in a pony-tale like Undyne's, a usual grin but with normal eyes, usually out in some secret field area where nobody knows about. A plain, white hoodie with a sign saying: UNNOTICED, to represent Small notice and humour! Plain white skinny-jeans with a white belt buckle. Finally, some plain white shoes with red paint splatters on them.
  • Raytaygirl: Long black hair in a strange shape, along with a lot of it rolling own her back, half of her face shaded, purple contacts in her eyes, usually reading a book by a lonesome tree to represent knowledge and ability. A white hoodie that is slightly unzipped, underneath is a blue shirt, blue skinny jeans with yellow buttons on the side. Finally, normal white trainer-shoes.
  • Oheo4: Normal hair that reaches down to there shoulders, a gleeful face with shiny blue eyes, a green striped bobble hat on their head, looking at a lone patch of grass. A green and yellow striped jumper that's slightly too big for them to represent thought and imagery, brown shorts with complicated details spread around them. Finally, some brown boots to represent adventure.
  • Alficiro: Normal slightly long brown hair with black highlights, one lens being broken on his glasses, inside a business office sorting out debates and conflict. An unzipped denim jacket with a gray t-shirt and a gold yellow choker to represent fierce-nature and wit, baggy grey trousers with empty pockets. Finally, large black leather boots.
  • MickRunner: Dark green, spiky hair, a bleeding scar running down his red eyes, a large smile on his face, staring in a cold room at an empty fireplace. He has a comfortable skinny, fluffy coat with a green scarf, underneath the coat is a yellow t-shirt saying: Dead Rap to represent knowledge and courage, he has long trousers with 'pockets'. Finally, he has long black boots.
  • CinderSky68: Long brown/blonde hair streaking to the side, small, square glasses with one of the parts of it being broken, meditating in an empty room with SOUL traits around her. A grey shirt with blue lines dripping down the sides, in the middle a glowing yellow SOUL that says: JUSTICE, to represent, of course, justice. She has blue skinny jeans with those fake pockets. Finally, she has yellow laced-shoes.
  • Yourlittlevaporeon: Black long hair put up in a pony-tale, a happy grin with green eyes, exploring the depths of Japan/Tokyo. A purple t-shirt that reads: PUGS & KISSES! To represent cuteness and in general * bored rainbow gesture * kawaii, a cute rainbow scarf around her. Baggy blue trousers, finally, normal black shoes.
  • Midnight from DILTOR: Long brown hair with blue highlights, an expression to look like she's bored, a sweet grin, in a room of her own on a normal couch. A dark-blue/indigo t-shirt that has words in rainbow saying: HOIDY, KID! To represent humor and energetic activity. Rainbow baggy trousers usually with her hands in her pockets. Finally, she has long black shoes usually standing on her heals.
  • 9StrangeSaness6: Short black hair with a long ponytale, a shy expression with kawaii eyes, a gentle grin streaking across her face, walking through a forest. A t-shirt that is covered with modern, dank and dead memes to represent hilarity and witty humor and a red unzipped hooodie. Neon large trousers with strings pulled very far out with her hands in her pocket. Finally, she has yellow slippers.

Welp, I'll do some more later, but, y'know, I'm just too lazy to continue, so, enjoy P.S. Fanfic if you like, I ain't self-absorbed. BYEEEEEE

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