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  • AskCastellar

    Top-hats to Psuet for the title!

    If you didn't remember from before, Showcard was resting by mossy rocks, currently taking a nap; if he wanted to be able to help everybody, he'd have to be able to relax. Showcard just sat there. Not doing anything. The sound of cries of despair flooded the entire farm, the atmosphere, lowering by the second, cackled at the farm for it's awful hygiene and shitty buildings. Our hero was groaning and moaning with pleasure, he was having one amazing dream at the time; probably about the amount of wives he has: over 1,000. But, what Showcard didn't realize was that somebody wanted him; not for slavery, not for money... but for decoration. Yes, decoration.

    Nearby The Bitchy Barnyard ( T.B.B ) stood a castle covere…

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  • AskCastellar

    Right, me and Ray made a bet. We were playing the fishing game on the discord server and we made a bet! Whoever caught the most valuable item would have to make a blog about how amazing the other person is. We did this three times and we got the same thing each time. We ended up getting a blue fish and a yellow fish, and since the blue fish is more common, we decided I'd be the one making the blog... so, here we go.

    Ray is the best person in the world, and all of dem haters should be wrecked by Shrek and then be eaten by the mighty lord of Doritos. Without her, Splatoon 1/2 wouldn't exist, which would be death for everybody on the planet and all the perverts who live. In fact, she's so great, my group even like her Murder!Ray form, which is…

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  • AskCastellar

    Skeletons are always a complicated case. For example, they always have some sort of personality which sets them apart from any other person nearby, like how Papyrus is extremely dedicated or how Calibri is ridiculously jolly. Showcard, our main character, is constantly drunk, is a complete hypocrite and generally loves to offend anybody who steps upon him. However, despite his complexities, he has several friends and, currently, Castellar is one of his main friends and the one to always defend him. Now, Castellar is currently playing on his Nintendo Switch, having a huge blast with his new game; Snake Pass despite its lack of plot and slow pace. He is lying in an egg chair in his Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared pajamas as Les Miserables is playin…

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  • AskCastellar

    So, I was looking at Dusty's "If I renamed the UnderZone OST" ( Because, y'know, it's cool. ) and I thought, "Hmm... I'm unoriginal, why don't I do something similar?". So I decided to do as many random people as I could think of, but with their own "sans." and "Nyeh Heh Heh!" theme! ( Y'know, 'cause Sans and Papyrus is over-rated and I'm like "L-HOL! NOP! IT'S EASY TO RE-NAME THESE! ). Anyway here's what'll happen:

    I'm gonna say a name ( OCs not included, wiki users are included, so if I miss you out, please tell me ) and then, next to their name, they'll have a sans. theme ( E.G, AskCastellar - Fonts For Plenty ), and then spacebar going into the Nyeh Heh Heh! theme ( E.G, AskCastellar - Fonts For Plenty/Malicious and Delicious! ) Sorry a…

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  • AskCastellar

    Welcome To the Wiki! V2

    December 20, 2017 by AskCastellar

    Oh! Hello! It's nice to see you bothering a lonely bar-tended, like me... anywho, you don't need to know much about this place, but I'll show you around anyway.

    >He gets up from his chair and begins walking around.<

    Now, the facilities here are below average, especially when it comes to the customers, hooooooo-baby! Down here, in the lonely pits of hell, we have several sort of domestic creatures just waiting for some sort of hope of which... they probably won't get, knowing the high level of conflict around here.

    • Mr. ILikeScience!
    • EYESeeYou
    • Lord of Imagination!
    • #TheySeeMeRollin'TheyHatin'
    • She's Not Like Other Bones!
    • Mr. Oh You Can Bash Me Snakey, Oh Yeah~ ( NOTE: This is a reference to his relationship )
    • Sir. …

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