aka Castellar, AskGoostellar.

  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Something REAL embarrassing!
  • I am Male ( Let's face it, it's pretty obvious when you check my contribs. )
  • AskCastellar

    I like repeating myself. ,-'.

    Seriously, though, I really like being satirical, as you could probably guess by all of my antics, so, if you're not tired of it, I'm not tired of it. Right, small introduction, we'll start.


    Oh. Back for more I see? Well, we've had a few more changes on here, so, fellow friend, I'll show you these new differences!

    Now, this place is run like a government, and you all know what governments are like: corrupt and stupid! With new terms and rules, us users may soon be peasents under our lords and kings, just like the 14th century! Aren't you all excited? I sure am!

    Remember to make AUs that have nothing else than a page, it shows how much you really care about …

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    Now yes! You might be wandering where Planned chapter 3 is, I said I'd continue it in March! Well, do you know how many times I've had to re-write it due to technical errors? FIVE TIMES! Simply because I accidentally restarted my computer, or because the power went out! I had to re-write if five times. And if any of you say "Well, Castellar, you dumb shithead! Why didn't you save it on a word document!? DUMBASS!", I'd like to say 'learn some manners, mate.' and also that, get this! * cliche drumroll... * I DON'T HAVE MICROSOFT WORD! And I can't save it on anything else, I don't have a format to do so! You expect me to download word on my iPad, copy it out on there and email it to me!? If so, I hope you've been tested!

    Now, I'm not saying I'm …

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  • AskCastellar

    Eh, just thought it'd be fun. This is simply just me answering to little questions. Have fun watching, I guess?

    Why are you such a dick?

    ...Well, I dunno, why does the idiot say pardon?


    Thought so. * smashes the random person with a bottle of whisky. *

    What is your favorite TV show?

    Ooh, that's a toughey. Many people (Especially Dusty) know that I'm extremely fond of Friends and think MORE PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH THE GOLD! I like The Big Bang Theory... t-that's a good show, I guess. I've recently gotten into Family Guy, I quite like that... but, it's probably gonna have to be Friends. It's the only one I can watch ten times.

    What's your favorite AU?

    I don't really have one... there are so many amazing AUs, and 20% of them are generally amazing…

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    So, recently, I've been 'avin' this idea, right? And it's about me, puny little Castellar, makin' lots a teasers for a bunch of AU ideas. Does that sound fun? Does that sound like somethin' ya'll like? Also, it's gonna include a prequel to Plannedtale, so ya'll are gonna be mentioned, which is something we all love, 'ey? So, without further a-do! (My name is Ado!) We'll start!

    STOP STOP! NO LET'S-A-GO'S YET! I've got to explain some shit, right? Right. Before you get the impression 'Wowee! Castellar's gonna make these into stories', I'm not! BUT, I might if ya give me a little help! I want you to comment below (notonthefirstteaserbutonthecommentsection) about which one of these you'd want to see as a story! IF the asking teaser is highly po…

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  • AskCastellar

    Shitpost Time

    February 6, 2018 by AskCastellar

    Hey, guess what, I have a sense of humor, believe it or not, I too can join in with the remarkable thing known as shitposting. So, since shitposting is fun, I'm going to make a fake shitty teaser for a joke AU named 'Dot-tale: Dot Dot Dot'. So, there we go... enjoy.

    One dot, there was a dot between two dots. Dots and dots. Before, these dots lived in peace and dots. However, the dots of the dots decided to dot against each dot. Dots passed by and no dots were to be saved, and the dots were locked under dots... never to be dotted by any dot...

    There was a dot dot named 'dot', this dot was once dotting a dot, but suddenly dotted down! Now, dot has to dot back up to the dot in order to survive.... dots say that no dot has ever survived the dot be…

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