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  • I am Male ( Let's face it, it's pretty obvious when you check my contribs. )
  • AskCastellar

    You wanna see something REAL embarrassing? Stick around!

    QUICK NOTICE: Currently, in-case you couldn't tell, Plannedtale is being slightly anti-climatic, by chapter 5, that'll all end, it's all just building up, so don't worry, we'll have fun soon.

    The time is currently six forty-five in the morning, gears in Derpy's lab are whoring, that chick thrown on the floor is chirping and Derpy is derping, working on experiments like usual. She had estimated the time it takes for Corly, the ear-raping, lens-flaring robotic-killer of the wiki, wakes up at six fifty, a slightly unusual time for her liking. Suddenly a small beeping noise can be heard coming from the right corner of the room, only after the first beep has Corly already burst through the …

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  • AskCastellar

    Welp, the long anticipated AU, Plannedtale, is finally hitting your screens, and I simply hope you enjoy. Let's get straight on with the story.

    MickRunner sat alone and scared on a patch of scrapped files, somehow, it doesn't hurt his back, must be all the mental pain he's experiencing right now. He is sat, tears in his eyes sniffling away, attempting to act like nothing is bothering him and everything is alright; the sight is extremely depressing, but nobody can see him, not even those with clear eye sight. He's quietly humming 'Don't Tattle On Me' by popular music creator 'Fandriod', he shakes and shutters as he hums this. He eventually plucks up the courage to begin singing, not worrying about what anyone thinks.

    "Don't tattle on me... do…

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  • AskCastellar

    Cast's Random Thoughts

    October 14, 2017 by AskCastellar

    All credit goes to Midnight from DILTOR for inspirin' dis.

    1. If I were to say 'Nyeh Heh Heh' in-front of Papyrus and he said " YOU ARE STEALING MY LAUGH! ", wouldn't that be ironic/hypocritical because his laugh was based off of Skeletors laugh from He-Man, so, essentially he stole it?
    2. Why hasn't Castellar kissed or hugged Midnight yet, I thought my group were all up-and-adam with the ladies, how come that's not happened?
    3. If I could make my eyes go anyway, anytime, anywhere, would I be considered a sociopath, a psychopath or high?
    4. How come I can mimic every Don't Hug Me I'm Scared character's voice, except the Notebook?

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  • AskCastellar


    October 7, 2017 by AskCastellar

    Yes, art contest because... well, you know, that's just me? I do random stuff. * clicks on some shades * I won't stop I'm feelin' rude!

    Okay, okay, the thing to draw will be... SHOWSTELLAR! Basically, here's Castellar: and here's Showcard:, imagine those two with a badass fusion and with a psychotic grin! There. You've got Showstellar.

    NOW! THE PRIZE? Hmm...

    You get to own CastellarTale! An abandoned AU that, y'know, had some competency.

    What do you say?

    You in?

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  • AskCastellar

    So, I'm gonna do this ridiculously dumb thing to see how many AUs I can list... WELP, HERE WE GO, TIME FOR STRESS!

    • Underfell
    • Underswap
    • Swapfell
    • Fellswap
    • Outertale
    • Outerfell
    • Outerswap
    • Outerswapfell
    • Outerswapswap
    • FellSwapFell
    • SwapFellFell
    • FellFellSwap
    • SwapSwapFell
    • SwapFellSwap
    • SwapSwapFell
    • SwapSwapFellFell
    • Storyshift
    • Shiftfell
    • Storyfell
    • Storyswap
    • Storyswapfell
    • Outershift
    • Outershiftswap
    • Outershiftswapfell ( Yup... this is the beginning of the sh-t. )
    • ShiftShift
    • ShiftShiftShift
    • Storyspin
    • Spinswap
    • Spinfell
    • Spinswapfell
    • Mafiatale
    • Mafiafell
    • Mafiaswap
    • Mafiashift
    • Outermafia
    • Outermafiastoryswapfellsail ( What? Ya thought this WASN'T a thing? Get out of 'ere. )
    • Undersail
    • Sailfell
    • Sailswap
    • Outersail ( I looked, I saw one badly drawn image. )
    • Horrortale
    • Horrorfell
    • Horrorswap
    • Horrorswapfell
    • TS!Un…
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