I'm just here to give you hints about my Oc barrier!alzores battle in the tournament! He has 3 extra forms and each one is stronger than the one he was in before you can't stop him from changing forms when he dies! If he is in his second,third or fourth form you need to move fast because he can move faster than the speed of light! He can put his swords together and make any object he wants example a giant! He can teleport anywhere he wants so be careful of that. He can use gravity magic so if you destroy something he needs then he will put it back together with gravity magic! He can use gravity magic to throw you everywhere like sans. If his purple eye is on he does twice as much damage. He can only be defeated by killing him 4 times. In his first form he has 20,000 hp In his second form he has 18,000 hp In his third for me has 25,000 hp In his final form he has 30,000 hp His special attack sends you to 1 hp. He can become invisible. He can use any type of magic. He can someone a barrier.

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