Gigiazore vs one who would win

Ones powers

She can summon a broadsword that turns flesh and bone to ash,

Useing a blood ritual, she can attack with projectiles and tendrils of blood which are self aware and can attack without her having to control them

She has power over Eradication Magic (Dark purple in color) it can destroy things on the sub atomic level and turn them to ash.

She can teleport faster than Undertale Sans

Can stop a full power Hyper Goner blast by standing in it

Retcons have no effect on her (Code altering doesn't work either)

She can sense being watched

Can move thru AU (Out-Code)

Can only be killed in her home AU

Gigiazore powers

He can use any move he knows about

He can summon sword that one shot ok most people

He is almost immortal

He can destroy an evil AU just by killing one person in it example destroying horror sans destroys horrortale

He is an AU protector and only destroys evil AU

He can only be defeated if your Lv is more than 100

He cannot defeat hatezore due to him being a stronger version of himself

Comment down below who would win

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