!PRETEXT! This is just for entertainment purposes ONLY. Any "evidence" found here of corruption is there just to spice up the story.

Ink arrived in the wiki March 1st, 2017. They left the wiki soon after.

WikiC(Sans), though they had great power, was struck down from their seat of power after Ink left. The king, UTAUWPAT(Asgore), rebestoded that power. Eventually, after WikiC had a FANDOM-User executed, UTAUWPAT took WikiC's power. WikiC then riled up an attempted uprising against UTAUWPAT, though just as one before hand, and many to come, they failed.

During one of the uprisings against UTAUWPAT, one that seemed as though it would succeed, UTAUWPAT granted Alphasaith(Migosp) an Ultimate Power Stone. This item gave Alphasaith power that equaled that of UTAUWPAT and LunaDeaminac(AnnoyingDog/Napstablook).

After many failed uprisings against the tyrant, UTAUWPAT, Nonconspicuousproxyuser(Jerry) attempted their own uprising against UTAUWPAT, though on a different basis than all the others. This time, the uprising was a success, and the tyrant king was finally overthrown. In the great confusion that succeeded the uprising, Alphasaith was placed on the throne.

Soon after UTAUWPAT was struck down, and Alphasaith was placed on the throne, CreateSans(Toriel) wished to join the Bureaucracy. Because of Luna's absence, it was up to Alphasaith on whether or not Cre could join. Alphasaith could tell something was wrong about Cre, and didn't want her in the Bureaucracy. When Cre began to put pressure on Alphasaith to let her join, Alpha sent out their Migosp Swarm across the wiki in search of some excuse to keep Cre out of the leadership role. Eventually, the Migosp Swarm turned up something, evidence that Cre had wrongfully executed a FANDOM-User. Using this, Alpha prevented Cre from entering the Bureaucracy.

Alphasaith looked over their new prize, and finally, they could enact their plan to improve the state of this great nation. (Alphasaith made this plan while WikiT(Asriel)  was attempting to improve the appearance of the entire wiki.) After acquiring the Temling Hoard (which had been dormant ever since the uprising against WikiC), and having been discussing plans with their inner counsel, Alpha is sure soon to have their Migosp Swarm and the Temling Hoard storm through the wiki, cleaning and repairing the damage seen through the ignorant eyes of the past monarch.

Alphasaith, on 10/15/17, had finally decided that the Totalitarian Dictatorship was not what the wiki truly needed. When a grand majority of the users were asleep, Alphasaith went through and turned the Totalitarian Dictatorship into a Republic, the Rule of Law. Alphasaith had also reformed the Admin body into the Congressional body, and the Bureaucratic regime into an Executive body. During this time, Alphasaith had also implemented a court system, giving users the right to a fair trial before imprisonment/death(blocking). The future seemed bright, but it was obvious that corrupt politicians would try to take advantage of this new system. This governmental change led to a crossroads, one path leading to a bright future, the other to a much darker future, and it was up to the users to decide which to take.

Other Notes

  • Wiki Temmie was executed.
    • Wiki Temmie was later summoned back as a ghost. Whether they'll possess something or not remains to be seen.

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