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  • Alphasaith

    WikiT Treaty

    August 21, 2017 by Alphasaith

    Wiki Temmie is unable to contact MickRunner, DerpyBlueberrySans, or Max041, and the other way around. This also includes indirect contact, such as making a blog post about them, or having someone talk to them on your behalf. Any breaking of this treaty will result in a warning, unless it is sever enough, or the party has been already warned, then it will result in an instant ban, the length of which will be variable.

    Each party will say that they agree to the terms listed above in the comments.

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  • Alphasaith

    !PRETEXT! This is just for entertainment purposes ONLY. Any "evidence" found here of corruption is there just to spice up the story.

    Ink arrived in the wiki March 1st, 2017. They left the wiki soon after.

    WikiC(Sans), though they had great power, was struck down from their seat of power after Ink left. The king, UTAUWPAT(Asgore), rebestoded that power. Eventually, after WikiC had a FANDOM-User executed, UTAUWPAT took WikiC's power. WikiC then riled up an attempted uprising against UTAUWPAT, though just as one before hand, and many to come, they failed.

    During one of the uprisings against UTAUWPAT, one that seemed as though it would succeed, UTAUWPAT granted Alphasaith(Migosp) an Ultimate Power Stone. This item gave Alphasaith power that equal…

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  • Alphasaith

    New Theme

    June 8, 2017 by Alphasaith

    Why did we think this was a good idea? Sure, it might be a great color, but I'm not so sure it exactly says "Undertale". Using the color blue is really only good for something like Underswap. A wide variety of colors would be best when it comes to AUs. And so I have come up with some alternatives that might just be better. Each color has a meaning in this. Each color chosen has been chosen because it doesn't hurt the eyes to look at. The color I've chosen for Main is variable if there really isn't a meaning behind it.

    • Purple (Buttons): 81257A - The meaning of this one is the Ruins, as this is the main color found in the Ruins.
    • Yellow (Links): F9F000 - The meaning of this one is that this is the color of the Golden Flower petals.
    • Cyan (Header)…

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  • Alphasaith

    I've occationally seen around the question "what's going to happen to hatredtale"? I found some things in it... unique. I'm planning on taking over the AU if BrOOd doesn't get back to me by June 1st. By that time, get prepared to see an overhaul of Hatredtale. Grammar corrections and (eventually) a massive expansion. If none of you know who BrOOd is, then consider yourself lucky. Hatredtale will soon be shaped how I see it, but hold to the same concept. Ask questions if your curious in details.

    Current existing pages located here.

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  • Alphasaith

    The Fun starts NOW

    March 31, 2017 by Alphasaith

    Well, after weeks of hard work, I have finally finished all the character pages of the major characters that everyone knows. It's time to start on the... Fun ones.

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