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Executive Congress
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  • Alphasaith

    One Year

    February 5, 2018 by Alphasaith

    As of today, (February 5, 2018) it has been one year since I joined this wiki. Should be a special event, but isn't really. Least it doesn't feel like one. Well, here's to another year.

    • Signed

    Ioannis Argyris

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  • Alphasaith

    Remember to give it a good name:

    for Congress/Executive
    • Add "Counter-Veto" if you're countering a veto.


    Greetings, I'm

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  • Alphasaith

    So with the current operations of the wiki right now, with the addings of these templates, it might seem quite confusing. This handy guide is designed to give you an explaination on what all the Templates being used currently mean. There are currently 3 main ones being used.

    • Template:Cleanup

    The Cleanup Template is being used to mark pages for future review to get them to meet standards. This operation will be done within one of the steps following the Wiki Wipe. We would humbly request that you not interfere with our operation by adding categories to these pages, as a vast majoraty of categories are going to be removed in one of the future steps following the Wiki Wipe. This template is also the tactic in which you can determine whether a c…

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  • Alphasaith

    About the Admin Situtation

    September 26, 2017 by Alphasaith

    I've already explained this to some of the admins who were recently demoted, but it seems like some of you still don't understand my reasoning, so I will explain it once again here. A few weeks ago, a few users were complaining that there were too many admins. A while back, I'd proposed a solution, 3 admins total. 1 for Chat, 1 for Content, and 1 for the Forum. This system has now been put into place, mostly as a test to see if it'll work. If it doesn't work by Monday, 10/2/17, then the admins who lost their power will be reinstated their power WITH ONE EXCEPTION. The exception being;

    Any admin that wasn't doing their job/wasn't active will not rerecieve their power.

    So basically, if the current system doesn't end up working, it will be reve…

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  • Alphasaith

    !PRETEXT! This is just for entertainment purposes ONLY. Any "evidence" found here of corruption is there just to spice up the story.

    Ink arrived in the wiki March 1st, 2017. They left the wiki soon after.

    WikiC(Sans), though they had great power, was struck down from their seat of power after Ink left. The king, UTAUWPAT(Asgore), rebestoded that power. Eventually, after WikiC had a FANDOM-User executed, UTAUWPAT took WikiC's power. WikiC then riled up an attempted uprising against UTAUWPAT, though just as one before hand, and many to come, they failed.

    During one of the uprisings against UTAUWPAT, one that seemed as though it would succeed, UTAUWPAT granted Alphasaith(Migosp) an Ultimate Power Stone. This item gave Alphasaith power that equal…

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