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    July 1, 2017 by AUstation

    It amazes me at how people will insult each other, when the don't really know how to work things, it's like throwing a toddler into a room of quantum physics scientists, then them picking on the toddler for not understanding. This is just rediculus, this is weird but human, as I am on this wiki I have seen fits of rage, wrath, and hate flung at all kinds of people. Yet it is pointless if you see a disfunctional wiki page, contact the person and teach them how to set up the page correctly, because they may have a really good idea if you can give it a chance.

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  • AUstation

    My opinion

    June 29, 2017 by AUstation

    After seeing all the conflict of this wiki it got me thinking, as I do things here people are hurt. I may not have that much experience with depression, but I do know what people do, they hurt because they're hurting themselves though they will never find true happiness that way. We are all original people, we as the human race have many different faces, traits, family's, and lives, so why not accept each other. Even if you think you can't you can forgive, even if it's a little everyday you will eventually forgive, and not even realize it, the human race has yet to see this meaning. Though I may receive hate for this I will tell you know that I will forgive, and forget the hate.

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