Warning: Swearing at times and characters can be depressed, and someone dies near the end of the final part of the whole thing. If you are sensitive to this kind of nature, leave now. And no, there isn't NSFW, unless this counts as that. 

"Ow.." Dr. Gaster woke up with a headache. Why? He never really knew.. He yawned and got out of bed. 7:29... A bit later than usual, but that isn't a problem, really. Gaster decided to finish an experiment he'd been working on. It wasn't like his other experiments or chemistries, it was alive. It was small too. Gaster walked towards the giant container he held it in, it was floating in some liquid, probably water or something. He stared at it for a while. Until something happened. It moved. It moved slightly. Until it woke up and found a way towards the side Gaster was standing. It stood there, staring at him. "Your a wide-eyed one." Gaster giggled a little at how cute an tiny it was. It banged it's little hands on the glass, and stared at him sadly.


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