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The Shadow of the Wiki has found a Self-Insert AU. Move it to UTAU-Self-Inserts-Aus Wiki or see it be Sliced.
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UserTale is a Undertale Au created by White Stranger is on time where Undertale Au users are in The role as Undertale character and UserTale shares the same name with Theundertalefan355's Au. You need to message me if you want a role. I'M SERIOUS!!!

Frisk is Createsans

Chara is White Stranger is on time

Sans is ?

Papyrus is ?

Grillby is ?

Undyne is ?

Monster kid is ?

Napstablook is ?

Alphys is ?

Mettaton is ?

Muffet is Midnight from DITLOR

Mad Dummy is ?

Asgore is ?

Asriel is ?

Flowey is ?

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