UnknownTale is where humans didn't fall to mt. ebott. and monsters don't care about leaving Underground.

And Gaster is Still the royal scientist and sans is his son and assistant.

And he has a HUGE lab, zero gravity room, rest room and science like things.

After a time Gaster works on a project named "Fake Multiverse Creator" (FMC)

"Fake Multiverse Creator" (FMC)

Gaster makes a simulation where he can make infinite numbers of universes

So he creates an universe named "KindnessTale" then he gaves up on that universe and creates another one and another one.

Then Something happens on KindnessTale.


A fake universe where everyone is kind but gaster thinks that wouldn't work so he gives up on that universe.


So in KindnessTale something goes wrong and Chara posseses Sans and makes him glitch to UnknownTale

He calls himself Forgotten because NOBODY knows him expect gaster and sans.

he is re-proggramable. so gaster makes him a copy anything (expect shape shifting)


AU is created by MusicalSkele.

AU's first name was ForgottenTale but I didn't know an au like that existed.

I actually Designed characters in october of 2016 or december 2015. I don't really remember.


(I am lazy to add gallery or photo so I'll do that later.)

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