Universal Collisions is an AU where there is more than one character with a role, the characters come from different AUs.


I thought it would be cool to make an AU like this.


The Protagonists/Players Role

Undertale Frisk

Sketchtale Frisk

Ipbunpaktale Zapper40

Ipbunpakfell Zapper40

Underswap Chara

The Empty Ones

Underswap Temmie

Ipbunpaktale Flowey

Horrortale Flowey

Kiraytale BIRDlol4

The Caretakers

Ipbunpaktale CharaFrisk7

Underfell Toriel

Kiraytale Skiedon

The Recluses

Kiraytale Icence

Undertale Napstablook

UTAUwikitale Luna

The Judges

Errortale Sans

Kiraytale Qqtt991

Ipbunpaktale Skiedon

Ipbunpakspin RichGuy!Ipbunpak

The Ambitious

Errortale Papyrus

Kiraytale Axemred

Ipbunpaktale Ipbunpak1

Ipbunpakspin CharaFrisk7

Captains of the royal guard

Kiraytale Sjorbii

Undertale Undyne

Underfell Undyne

The Idolisers

Ipbunpaktale NareBNSF

Underfell Monster Kid

The Royal Scientists

Underswap Undyne

Unex Mettaton

The Celebrites

HELP_TALE Metta Clan

Kiraytale Betref

UTAUwikitale TheNitroFlamer

Underfell Mettaton

Resturant Owners

Ipbunpaktale IpbunpakOne_YT

Undertale Grillby

Outertale Grilby

Outrageous Venders

Ipbunpaktale PokemonGO

Overtime Spy

The Enraged

Kiraytale Swan

Undertale Mad Dummy

Chaotic Villagers

Ipbunpak_HELP John_Diamond

Sketchtale Temmie

Ipbunpaktale Temmie

Ipbunpakfell Temmie


Ipbunpaktale GoldenKing!Ipbunpak

Underfell Asgore

Kiraytale Hekk

Soulless Angels

Underswap Monster Kid

Ipbunpaktale Ballas

Horrortale Asriel (creepy)

Kiraytale Pink_Deity

The Fallen

Undertale Chara

Sketchtale Chara

Ipbunpaktale Chara

Ipbunpakfell (TBA)

Underswap Frisk


Ruins are replaced with Ancient Labrynth

Snowdin is replaced with Snowy City

Waterfall is replaced by Oceans of near infinity

Hotland is replaced by Infernal Wasteland

The CORE is still the same, but 6X larger.

Muffet's cave is a combination of Spy's and PokemonGO's lair.

New Home is 4X bigger, but red, blue, gold, REAL GOLD.

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