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PSX 20161007 123023

This is UniversalVirus Sans, or Cyaner

This is an AU made by Tumblr user antronity[1].

The main character is mostly the sans of the world, called Cyaner. In this AU most of the monsters we know and love are humanoid, and most humans are monsters, and the humans live underground. The world goes into nuclear destruction and Cyaner is mutated into a skeleton. Afterwards he gains the power to see everything in all AU's, similar to Heimdall in Thor, he occasionally has flashes of the future, and he is a great healer.

UniversalVirusSwap is mostly the same except he cant see everything in all AU's, he can see the future and the past, besides that they are the same.

UniversalVirus UniversalVirusSwap
Vision of all AU's Visions of the future and past
4 tentaclaws 2 tentaclaws
1 Eye blacked out 1 eye cracked and both eyes have galaxies in them

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