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Template:Фанон Unitale  - Created on the basis of Undertale and supporting the Lua-mode core. This means that it provides data and basic sprites/sounds used in Undertale's battle system, allowing you to make your own battle, either using the data that's already present in the app, or you can also import your own sprites/sounds and program the fights however you want. (There have been speculations regarding the possibility of adding bits of the map into Unitale, but since it's only speculation, confirmation is needed. Until then, when you try to Flee a fight, the message displayed will remain the same, "...but you realized the overworld was missing.")

The most popular mods in Unitale

Disbelief Papyrus

An alternative version of Papyrus that first appeared in a collection of fan boss battles in Unitale. Disbelief!Papyrus seeks revenge for the death of his brother, Sans.


According to his story, and as shown in the battle and in various fan comics, this version of Papyrus spared Frisk during a Genocide playthrough. Unfortunately, the Human had other ideas in mind and tried to land a blow on Papyrus, but at the last moment, Sans shielded him and took the hit in his place. Sans' last words were "Stay away from the human."

Gradually, the player killed other close friends of Papyrus, as well as any random monsters they came across until they emptied areas. Papyrus decided that he couldn't sit back and watch all of this happen, so he went to wait in the last corridor, also called the "Judgement Hall."

Much later, Papyrus and Frisk met in the last hallway, where he said that he aims to avenge his brother's death and that Sans was right when he said that Frisk was nothing but a murderer. Then, Papyrus said that this time he had carefully hidden his special attack from a dog (which indicates that he knows about the timeline of a neutral \ pacifist) and he would finally get to use it. However, the attack is almost identical to his "Normal steep attack" from the original fight. Frisk then noticed that instead of the words "Cool Dude", the bones were laid out to form the words "Sans and Papyrus, the best and coolest brothers forever ....... and ever .... and ever. .... and ever ........ " Once his attack came to an end, Papyrus continued to whisper through his sobbing " - and ever ..... and e...ver..." In the end, Papyrus, filled with despair, fell to his knees and burst into tears, looking at the floor and all the while repeating the name of his brother. Frisk (now Chara) took this opportunity moment and cold-heartedly killed Papyrus...

Alternate Story

Another version of this story, which is widely known and accepted, goes on that Sans told Papyrus to hide and, instead of waiting to fight Frisk in the last corridor, Sans decided to fight them in his brother's place. Somehow, he got killed and when Papyrus got out of his hiding place, he saw nothing but his brother's jacket (hoodie?) laying in the snow, covered in dust. Taken over by rage, he decided he would confront the Human in the last corridor

When the fight finally occurs, Papyrus tells the player that they made a mistake by killing his brother. This statement is followed by the notorious quote from the battle that Papyrus "no longer cares about you."


Initially, Papyrus behaves identical to the canonical, but after the death of Sans, he went slightly mad and began to desire the death of the protagonist. Papyrus constantly cries during the battle also. Perhaps this is a result of his brother's death weighing on his conscience.

Interesting facts

    • In most fan arts, Papyrus is drawn wearing Sans' jacket/hoodie/whatever you call that blue vest he wears.
    • The basic concept was created as a version of Underfell!Papyrus during a Genocide playthrough.
    • This Papyrus uses orange attacks throughout the majority of the fight .
    • There is also a battle with Immortal!Papyrus.

Alphys NEO

Alphys NEO - a perfect version Alphys that does not transform. The first mention - video on the YouTube , which was released February 26, 2016. On a plot of revenge for the death of Papyrus and Undyne. 


In the beginning Alphys acts identical to the canonical, but after that, when she thought about her friends dying, she became more mad and overdaring.

The battle

In combat Alphys NEO uses attacks such characters as Sans, Mettaton EX and Asgore that are slightly modified. Also during the fight it can turn yellow mode of the soul ,  the puzzle with colored tiles , a platform, which is similar to a puzzle piano  and lasers, which previously could be detected in the Core and Hotland e.

Fun Facts

  • One of her attacks is a parody to a game called Space Invaders , the latest attack is a parody  of Dance Dance Revolution .
  • If you eat the pie , it does not disappear: after eating, you can try again to eat the pie, and at some point it becomes infinite, because Unitale not delete things. But this was remedied by the fact that you remember that ate the pie, and you can not eat it. Then if you "kill" Alphys, she will receive the power of anime and you inflict a fatal blow that inflicts 60-99 damage. This is the power of anime or rage Alphys is a reference to a favorite attack in Ness Earthbound. At this point, it begins to sound Rage Doctors Andonuts (Megalovania version of Halloween Hack Earthbound). Replicas Alphys copy replica Doctors Andonuts`.

Doggo (Hard mode)

This version Doggo is complexity; normal version Doggo . First appearance - video on the YouTube , which was released December 23, 2015.

The battle

In combat, this version of Doggo uses a large number of blue daggers. Also, this can be used Dogg orange swords and shoot glasses from his thermal sight.


In this fashion, we presented Gaster and its complexity; version. At the beginning it is easy to attack necessity, and perhaps you will not take damage. But after a few sentences, he turns into its second version. He inflicts 3 points of damage, or as misses. 

The first version

It has a similar structure to the original. Slightly damaged face. His body was covered cloak.

The second version

It shows us his body, which is under the cloak.

The Error! Sans

Here we have to fight with Sans from ErrorTale .

The battle

In the beginning, he says that the universe and the player is incorrect, it must be destroyed. In combat Sans uses bones, Gaster blasters, orange and blue dice. Battle with them can last a very long time due to its high protection, and sometimes even a player mis

ses and does not cause damage. Music in the battle campaign differently distorted: changing the height of the sounds heard an echoic and so on.

Toby Dog

Here we are fighting with the annoying dog .

The battle

first form

It is a plain white dog. Attacks in her lungs. To go to the second form of the dog to attack 4 times.

The second form

Dog gets angry expression on his face, on the side of the heart will be. The attacks are becoming more complex. To win it, HP dogs should be lowered to zero, after which it will hold its last attack. For mercy after the final attack dog should pet.


Here we have to fight with the bartender Grillby.

The battle Edit

Grillby uses blue and orange attack. When you try to inflict damage, it goes off, but a second will light again. So to kill Grillby, do not need to beat it, and choose the action menu in the "Find water" 7 times, and then select the "Extinguish".

Save the Goatbro

Here we have to save Flowey.

The Battle

In the start he attacks with his bullets, making some of 'em green. After few attacks he'll change your soul mode. He'll give you a green bullets. Orange soul is making everything "upside down," now green hurts you, but white heals you, and orange is blue attack, the same with blue. If you'll catch the green bullets, he'll say his replica in start of the original game, but you still will have to save him.

The battle

In the beginning he attacks his bullets, sometimes making them green . After a couple of attacks it will change your soul mode. Later, he will offer you an apology in the form of green bullets. Orange soul mode swaps the green and white, orange and blue attacks. If you get into the green bullets, he says his cue from the beginning of the original game. Later, the rules change, but you should still save him.

Undyne Ultra Ultra

Undyne Ultra - the enemy of the AU StoryShift , is Immortal Undyne in the guise Mettaton NEO .

Fell sans

The battle

Fell Sans starts by using red mode, but frequently switches the protagonist's SOUL between red and blue mode.

Patterns Edit

Fell Sans's method of fighting can be seen as an opposite to Photoshop Flowey's fighting style. Whereas Flowey fights the protagonist using bullet hell techniques, Sans utilizes gravity to make his attacks require platforming skills, such as slamming the protagonist's SOUL against the walls of the bullet box and making the protagonist jump through gaps between bones and onto platforms. Sans uses regular and light blue attacks.

Sans immediately starts off the battle with his "strongest attack": an array of bones and beams. He is the only enemy in the game that has the first turn rather than the protagonist, which can catch the unwary off-guard.

Eventually, Sans will offer Fight; if accepted, he Will die.

After that, he starts to employ randomly cobbled attacks made of "bone stabs", "Gaster Blasters", and "bone slides". He will also start to use "Gaster Blasters" more frequently and aggressively, and will start using vertical "bone slides" rather than just the horizontal variation he uses during the first half.

Strategy Edit

To progress the fight, the protagonist must keep Saving Sans as he cannot dodge forever; performing any other action besides Save will not progress the battle as his dialogue will not appear or advance. Also, skipping/missing the attacks will not progress the battle either.[1]

After getting past his Fight offer, the fight then includes Sans constantly flickering the screen as he transitions through his attacks, uses his beams more often, and even attacks the protagonist as they navigate the menu (though menu attacks will only deplete the HP to 1). After enough turns, Sans will then perform an attack lasting roughly 40 seconds, launching the entirety of his arsenal at the protagonist, including a bevy of Gaster Blasters, slams against the Bullet Board's walls, amongst his other attacks.

Once the protagonist survives his final attack, Sans will use his "special attack," which is nothing. Sans abstains from attacking and stalls for his turn, preventing the protagonist from accessing the menu in hopes of the protagonist becoming bored as time flies.

If one tries to move to the left before Sans falls asleep, he will wake up as his eye flashes blue/yellow, and the SOUL will be teleported back to the center of the bullet board. After several minutes and dialogue, Sans will eventually fall asleep, allowing the protagonist to push the Bullet Board towards the Save button.

After pressing it, Sans will question why the protagonist spared him.Then he knew that no one deserves to die.Use Save one more time to fully save him.

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