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What it once was.

Unexpecterchanged, also known by shortened name Unex, is a role swap AU made by reddit user Patwhit01. This AU, as the title would suggest, has rather unexpected changes compared to the role swaps common in other AUs.

About the AU

Unex, as of the reboot, is no longer a "role swap" AU. Characters have different purposes in the story, but there is no "roles", unlike other Switch Up AUs. As the name suggests, the story focuses on more unexpected twists to the story.

Unex is now undergoing a full reboot, due to the creator feeling as if the current comic didn't convey the story they wanted to tell with its full potential. The tumblr blog updates frequently with new character designs and possibly other things later down the line, to let the audience have content to view while development progresses.

The comic is still viewable, but will become non-canon when the reboot comic starts being released.

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • The RUINS is now completely abandoned and worn-down, and absent of all its inhabitants.
  • The CORE, during its grand opening, malfunctioned, causing an explosion. Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel, who were present at the time, were caught in the explosion. Their fate remains unknown.
  • Snowdin has a completely new custom-made map, and a new area called Snodoubt Forest.

Character Changes

Note: As of the reboot, Unex has decided to ditch the concept of "roles", so the character descriptions shall not use them.

  • Frederick is the protagonist. A quiet, shy kid who loves Monster culture, Frederick keeps to himself, studying all he can about how the Monster world works. He keeps books on hand in his bookbag.
  • Flowey is a wilting, torn up flower who speaks with a strange dialect. Incredibly hostile, they are the final boss of the RUINS.
  • Not much is known about Chara and why they reside in the RUINS. The reboot post does not give much away either, other than their design is a lot more "regal". They are the midboss of the RUINS, but become your ally later on.
  • The first character you meet in Snowdin is Monster Kid, or "Kid", as they would prefer to be called. As of the reboot, they now have arms, due to growing them as a sign of growing through adolescence. They are friendly towards humans and very helpful. Not much is known about their past yet.
  • Frisk, the player character from Undertale, is the adoptive sibling of Kid. Frisk is very smug and sassy, but are very friendly otherwise. As of the reboot, they are interested in learning magic, but aren't very good at it, angering them when their lack of skill is brought up. Not much is known yet about why they came to the Underground.
  • Alphys and Undyne are the adoptive parents of Monster Kid and Frisk, becoming married prior to the events of Unexpecterchanged. They are much more down-to-earth and friendly than their counterparts, but retain their outgoing natures. Undyne was once the captain of the Royal Guard, but stepped down from that position for reasons yet unknown. Similarly, Alphys was the Royal Scientist, but isn't anymore, for reasons yet stated. They now both work as the Royal Bodyguards of the King.
  • Napstablook is now the current Captain of the Royal Guard. Not much is known about them yet.
  • Mettaton is the current Royal Scientist. They run hit educational TV shows on the Underground TV networks, and are solidly the "second-hottest TV star". They apparently run a show called Mettaton the Science Guy.
  • Papyrus is the king of the Underground. Making sure the Underground never loses hope, he set a law that requires any human to be captured and taken to him, in the capital of New Home. However, he isn't the most popular ruler, as a fair portion of the Underground do not like him being in power. He has a crack on his head from a "protester", according to the official blog post.
  • Asriel is the narrator, presumably killed during the CORE accident shown in the opening. His narration is much more personal and less mature than Chara's, shown by his bigger use of colored text, which was used for personal narration in canon Undertale. His text color is green.


  • As of the reboot, Monster Kid, or "Kid", has a pair of arms. Monster Kid is known in the fandom for their lack of arms, where jokes are made at their expense. The creator of Unexpecterchanged explained this as part of "puberty" for this species of monster.
  • The maps for Unexpecterchanged are almost completely custom, adding in areas like "Snodoubt Woods" or a waterfall in Snowdin Forest.
  • The RUINS was made by editing over a map of the RUINS. This will be changed in the reboot.

Character Gallery

  • Frederick's official art as of the reboot. Not final.
  • Flowey's official art as of the reboot.
  • Chara's official art as of the reboot.
  • Kid's official art as of the reboot. Not final.
  • Frisk's official art as of the reboot.
  • Undyne's official art as of the reboot.
  • Alphys' official art as of the reboot.
  • Napstablook's official art as of the reboot.
  • Mettaton's official art as of the reboot.
  • Papyrus' official art as of the reboot.
  • Sam (AKA So Sorry)'s official art as of the reboot.
  • Bratty and Catty's official art as of the reboot.
  • Toriel and Asgore's official art as of the reboot.