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Createsans, otherwise nicknamed Rea is the UserTale version of Undyne. She is known as "Doggernaut372" on UnderNet.



She is loud, headstrong, confident and determined. She passionate about her beliefs, yet is quick to change her mind about things, like The Protagonists "evil" intentions, yet her thoughts do not change about this during the Genocide Route. She enjoys watching anime with Corly, but she thinks it's human history. She can be sassy and smart if needed, namely right before The Protagonists fight with WSIOT during the True Pacifist Route. When not fighting, she is often relaxing, sleeping, singing, listening to music, playing video games or watching anime, showing a lazy side to her. She has a slight Brooklyn accent.


She has dark orange hair and pale skin. Her hair is short and upturned. She has dark brown eyes and golden Labrador ears.

During her Neutral/True Pacifist battle, she wears a silver chestplate with spiked shoulderpads, jeans with iron kneecaps, spiked gauntlets and metal boots. On her back is a pink cape. During her Genocide Battle, her armour is exactly the same as her Neutral Route armour, only the spikes on it are longer. During her hangout, she is wearing a hot pink tank top, jeans, pink boots and a red scarf around her waist. During the date with Corly, she wears a denim jacket, her pink tanktop, sweatpants, black boots and her red scarf around her neck.


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