Undyne is the leader of the Royal Guard and a boss in Solartale.


In appearence, She is very similar to her Undertale Counterpart. The biggest difference is the Crest of her armor is instead a glowing, yellow 5-point star.


Undyne's Battle is very different from any other boss in Solartale and Any other AU for that matter. Immediately after entering the Undyne Area, the fight starts with the Battle Dialog "Somthing doesn't feel right..." There is no audio other than the players heartbeat. The heartbeat will speed up the closer Undyne is. Once Undyne is close enough to start a regular fight, The player is thrust into a Bullet Hell fight in the format of a Green Soul wave. The player then must choose to fight or flee. However, the player will have to flee eventually. The player, if they flee, will slowly have to make their way to the Planetary Hyperail to Hotland.


  • The Battle against Undyne could be inspired by Alak-Hul, A boss fight from the game Destiny.

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