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Undyne is a fish-ghost hired by Asriel to hunt humans in the Ruins before Chara can reach them, Undyne has murdered and successfully delivered 2 human souls.


Undyne is usually seen hunting for humans in the Ruins when she's not she is at her house. Undyne is determined and can get very mad when a human escapes her. Undyne is loyal to King Asriel and will do anything it takes to destroy the barrier, she is a big fan of Papyrus. She usually watches Papyrus' Cooking Show when she is at home.


Undyne looks the same as her Undertale version except that she is coloured black and white because she is a ghost. Undyne also has a special bag hanging off her which is located on her back, she keeps her unused spears there. On Genocide Undyne is impossible to kill, Liam can only keep attacking and hope for the best until she gets bored and leaves. She transforms into Undyne The Undying (Even though she's a ghost).

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