Skapa is the Medievaltale version of Undyne.



She is confident, eccentric, excitable and loud. She is passionate in her beliefs, yet, if shown she's wrong, will instantly change her mind. Being a variant of me, she is sometimes caught sleeping during work, showing a lazy side. She wants to teach many how to cook, but is not good at it herself. She is polite, respectful, caring and well-mannered in the face of Mettaton. She enjoys teasing Gus, showing a joking, slightly rude and funloving side to her. She has a slight Scottish accent.


She has fair skin and copper hair in a ponytail. She has freckles on her face, and red eye shadow. She has dark brown eyes and darker brown cat ears and a cat tail.

She wears a red Victorian dress, red high heels and pink gloves.


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