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SomeRandomWriter (AKA Random) takes the place of Undyne in FaxsTale. She pursues the protaganist through Waterfall. She turns into Random The Remaining on the genocide route.

Random Is much like Undyne. The only perceivable difference is that Random uses her head much more and utilizes physcological fear over Undyne's brute force. She is idolized by Corly, who takes the place of Monster Kid.

She has 10 more AT and DF than undyne.


Instead of Undyne's normal fish-like appearance, SomeRandomWriter has a very reptillian theme. Blue is substituted mainly for green and red is substituted for magenta in her sprite. Her eyes are slightly further apart and her ears are longer horizontally.

Her armor is slightly different from Undyne's, being less bulky. It also has the Delta rune on the front in white.


  • SomeRandomWriter's Undernet name is StrongCroc1
  • When attempting to name the fallen human "SomeRandomWriter," or "Random" The response becomes "Get your OWN name!" and prevents the name from being used.
  • If either Snowdrake, any or all of the canine members of the Royal Guard in Snowdin or Shyren is killed, Random will comment on it on her pre-battle monologue.
  • Papyrus's death supersedes all other pre-battle dialogue and changes her speech the most.
  • When Random was younger, she followed Gerson around to watch him beat up bad guys, much like how Corly follows her. However, whenever Random tried to help Gerson fight bad guys, she ended up attacking "the mailman or something like that."
  • Random The Remaining is the only Genocide Route specific boss that does not die in one hit.
  • However, when she jumps in the way of Corly when the protagonist attempts to kill them, she takes more damage than she has HP. This does not kill her, however.

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