SomeRandomWriter (aka Random) takes the role of FaxsSwap Undyne. In relation to a better known series, this character takes the place of Underswap's Undyne. She is the swapped version of SomeRandomWriter from FaxsTale.



Random has much brighter and more animated colors in FaxsSwap. A piece of her hair is pulled down for bangs and she wears a buttoned-up lab coat and glasses. Her teeth are also much more like Alphys' buck teeth.

Just like Alphys, she wears a black polka dot dress on her date.


Random is a very nerdy, introverted, and reclusive reptillian monster. She has a secret crush on Alphys.

Random is very insecure and feels very guilty about the things she has done. After she created the Amalgamates when experimenting with Determination, she kept it a secret from even her closest friends and became severely depressed, even contemplating suicide.
"That's where I met Random for the first time!! I was looking for cool swords, when I saw her... Uh, standing there, staring into the abyss. She looked pretty... Um... ... contemplative."
— Alphys

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