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In this AU, Undyne is replacing the ambitious (Papyrus in Undertale).


Actually, it's just Undyne with a mix of papyrus and sans clothes. Also her left eye is normal. She also have shoulder pads.

In Battle

Summon spears.


  • Friends: Alphys, Muffet, Grillby(ruin's dummy), dummy( barmen in snowdin)
  • Neutral: Mettaton, Asriel, Monster Kid
  • Hate: Asgore, Toriel


Her dream was to join the royal guard as a soldier, they took her as a patroller. Since this moment, she is wandering through the underground seeking for something strange.

Trivia & Quotes

-Her clothes is a kind of mix between sans and papyrus ones.

-She has a spear attached on her back.


Every Routes:
Hey! You're a human am I right?! That's cool! I'm undyne a... fishy mercenary... yep I think that we can say that!!
— Undyne (DarkTale) when you meet her
Genocide Route:
I lose the faith in humans, you aren't the one I used know, this cool little person. Me, Undyne will become the assistant leader of the royal guard after I killed you!! In guard monster!!
— Undyne (DarkTale) before her last fight

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