LuxrayBlast is the Undyne of CreateSans' Amicistale Undertale AU. LuxrayBlast has that very strange side where he does talk to his Pokemon such as Messy & DeepFreeze, but, he's not willing to stay locked up, so he can try getting a SOUL. Lux is in high hopes that his friend, Createsans, will be able to capture <insert Frisk> for their SOUL so TheUndertaleFan355 can get everyone back to the surface. Though he wears the Viridi Smash bros DLC Costume. His attacks include different forces of Nature such as a Reset Bomb & Urgles, which are Viridi's Forces.


LuxrayBlast is a Mii garbed in the Smash Bros DLC Viridi Costume from DLC Pack 4, which was bundled with the Toad Costume, Captain Falcon Costume, a few costumes & the Super Mario Maker stage. His 2nd appearance is a Hoodie with the Chrom Wig from the 3rd DLC Pack for Smash Bros with costumes like King K Rool & 2 stages from the original Super Smash Bros 64: Hyrule Castle 64 & Peach's Castle 64.


Viridi is a character from Kid Icarus Uprising. Who is the goddess of Nature. Despite looking like she's a 12 year old girl, Viridi, is a goddess. She appears in Chapter 11 of Kid Icarus: Uprising "Viridi, Goddess of Nature", where she sees the human race fighting after hearing Hades announce the destruction of the Wish seed & decides she's had enough of humans' natural greed and exploitation of the land, so she uses a Reset Bomb to return the Earth back to its natural state, before mankind appeared.

Mii Fighters- Nintendo

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