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Undying Sans is one of the many survivors from a destroyed version of a switch-up AU.


He has a mark on his chest, similar to the one in Undertale's Genocide Route. The fluff on his hood has been fluffed, and he wears a scarf that Papyrus gave to him. His hoodie is torn, and is a lighter blue color than the original. He wears a red headband around his head with a mini Gaster Blaster attached to it. His slippers and shorts are the same. If you look closely, you can see that he's melting. Sometimes, his Blaster-looking-thingy has a beam shooting out of it. This is more of an accessory, like Undyne's eye spear.


He is spiteful, vengeful, and punny. His puns are more murderous than funny now, but hey, at least they're puns. He has a strong distaste for humans (specifically Frisks and Charas) and flowers (specifically Flowey, excluding his owns, and loves Substitutetale Papyrus (in this AU, they aren't related. Calm down.).


  • Substitutetale Papyrus - The two got out alive and are currently dating.
  • Substitutetale Flowey - They tell each other murder puns! Happy ending with a horrifying plot twist!

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