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The player hacked the game files so often, reinstalled the game again and again, and it eventually caused all the monsters in the underground to undergo irreversible changes. All monsters will attack Frisk, no matter how many times they spare the monsters.


All monsters in this AU are terribly distorted, and resemble a similar styling of Tim Burton's works.


Frisk has remained generally the same, except that their hands and feet are covered in blood.


Flowey changed for the better, as he has (Somehow) learned compassion and pity. He takes the form of twisted flowey after you beat Omega Flowey on a neutral run.


Sans is now taller and stronger. He has a huge jaw, a glowing orange and blue eye, and has a crack in his skull flowing with energy.


Papyrus now has no skull, and his head is replaced by black liquid flowing out of his spine.


Alphys has black liquid flowing out of her mouth, and the amalgamates from her true lab are stuck to her like parasites.


Undyne looks like a deep-sea angler with giant teeth, and since the only possible path is genocide, she is always Undyne the Undying.


Muffet is now a huge spider, with an enormous teapot shaped body.

Asgore and Toriel

Unlike normal undertale, Asgore and Toriel live together still. The only difference about them is that Asgore wears the six human souls on a necklace around his neck.


Mettaton does not live inside his normal robot body. Instead, he lives as his ghost form, with a heart eye patch and a fringe. He also has teeth like the mad dummy has in his body.


Napstablook has three eyes, all crying black liquid.


  • The only possible path is genocide.


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