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This AU has no further presence online than this page.
Underwatch is an Undertale crossover AU which replaces all Undertale characters with heroes from the game known as Overwatch. All characters have their personality mixed with their Undertale and Overwatch counterparts main from Overwatch.The story takes place in Watchpoint: Gibralter. And follows the Overwatch storyline.


Replaced characters in order.
  • Frisk as Frisk
  • Null Sector Bastion as Flowey
  • Mercy as Toriel
  • Mei as Sans
  • Tracer as Papyrus
  • Pharah as Undyne
  • Symmetra as Alphys
  • D.Va as Mettaton(Meka in normal form and Girl in EX and NEO)
  • Soldier 76 as Asgore
  • Overgrown Bastion as Asriel
  • Widowmaker as Chara
  • Reaper as WD Gaster
  • Talon Agents as Ghaster Followers
  • Ana as Muffet


  • Ruins are now Watchpoint: Gibralter
  • Snowdin Forest is now Black Forest
  • Snowdin is now Eichenwalde
  • Waterfall is now Temple of Anubis
  • Hotland is Necropolis
  • MTT Resort is now Numbani Heritage Museum
  • Core is now Volskaya Industries
  • New Home is now Swiss Headquarters

Story Changes

  • Pharah an Symmetra are best friends,not love interests
  • Neither are Soilder 76 and Mercy,now Mercy doesn't like Soilder for Pretending to die.

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