Underturn is a Switch Up AU including Scora (an OC).


  • Muffet is a soulless purple flower. She sends "Friendliness Spiders", which are actually harmful bullets.
  • Scora is the caretaker of the RUINs.
  • Asgore hangs out in the RUINs, it's unknown if Scora knows he's there. He also wears a sheet.
  • Napstablook is the laidback cousin of Mettaton.
  • Mettaton just wants to capture a human so he can join the Royal Guard.
  • Riolu wants to see his hero, Asriel, in action.
  • Asriel pursues the protagonist throughout Waterfall.
  • Chara is the Royal Scientist.
  • Toriel is the star of the Underground.
  • Undyne was the Royal Scientist before Chara.
  • Temmie is an employee at TRL Resort. She hates her life.
  • Grillby is the king of the Underground and the ex-husband of Scora.
  • Sans was the older brother of Papyrus before he died. Chara managed to bring him back, as a flower.
  • Papyrus possesses Frisk during the Genocide Run.
  • MK runs a secret shop. You can pay for his college Education, and he will let you buy MK Armour.
  • Gaster runs a diner in Snowdin. He gets very angry if his number one customer, Napstablook, is killed. He sells Burgers and Fries.
  • Alphys runs a sale in Hotland. She sells Instant Noodles. She will get very angry if the protagonist doesn't buy from it, although purchasing something costs 9999 gold.

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