* My child, the image quality is terrible, I cannot see a thing. Please try to upload a better quality image through here.

* Be good, alright?

Undertumble is an AU where certain characters swap and some don't. It doesn't have anything to link to (meaning, not to be mistaken as an AU for Storyshift, Storyswap, etc.).


  • Muffet And Nabstablook Swap
  • Mettaton Ex And Gaster Swap
  • Toby Fox Dog Swaps With Asgore
  • Temmie Swaps With The Ruins Dummy
  • Flowey Swaps With Muffet's Pet
  • The Riverman Says Beware The Man Who Speaks In Legs
  • And Gaster Ex Says Who Need Legs With Hands Like These
  • Froggit Is Grillby

-Grillby is Asriel

-Sans Swaps With Doggo

-Pyrope Swaps With Frisk

-Glyde Swaps With Chara



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