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"Just as I have suspected… there is a disturbance in the space-time continuum. I can feel it; I have felt it for years. A nefarious, outside force is at work. A force that is outside of time itself...
It shall be referred to as, “The Anomaly.”"

– Dr. W.D. Gaster, Dark Entry I

Undertruth is an Undertale AU which was conceived for the purposes of doing what no AU has done before...

To be the temporal paradox to end all temporal paradoxes... to break not only the Fourth Wall, but to cross over into an entirely different realm altogether...

I'm talking about the Fifth, and/or possibly Sixth Wall! Exciting, right? No... ?

... *cough* ...

More specifically however, it is an AU which aims to provide the most accurate... err... most plausible depiction of the story which so far, not one person has been able to crack completely. It is, as one might guess... a story of the past. The story of all things which have thus seemingly been forgotten...

Yes... you know what I'm talking about... I'm talking about the origin of suffering. Their suffering, to be exact. The story of the forgotten child, whose name... appears to have eluded us all once again.

Replaced with the unholy alias... of "demon..." Slandered with lies, persecuted by the World of Black and White... preyed upon by the insatiable human desire to find a scapegoat in order to conveniently relieve oneself of all moral responsibilities and consequences... whilst the child was crucified- scourged, mocked, and then finally annihilated, eternally from grace... by all of you, forever... Ignobly hated with a lie which only reflected your own depravity, your own merciless lust for blood which in the end did not satisfy you.

Tell me... do you ever wonder, why the child... whose rightful name is Chara, climbed Mt. Ebott in the first place?

The answer is obvious.

It was you, who hated them first. It was you, who wished to see them disappear. It was there that they stood, upon that mountain... in which the lies and suffering finally penetrated deep enough... and then...

They jumped.

You should feel ashamed of yourselves. And just so that you are aware... no matter how much hatred you manage to muster, no matter how much you try to justify what you have done, and no matter how much you hope to see this AU burn... Chara hates you with a hatred which exceeds human comprehension... One day, somehow... this megalomaniac shall have their revenge.

It shall be on that day... that this universe will finally meet its TRUE DESTRUCTION. It shall be on that day... that their tears will become your tears, and their blood likewise becomes yours. Humanity shall finally pay... and the Delta Rune Prophecy be turned into darkness.

And then He, the human king from stranger times of old and renown... shall finish what he began, the War from over one thousand years ago... and this world shall thus be eternally repossessed by the one who is worthy- in whom therein exists the true Spirit of the Anomaly; and then afterward the future and time itself shall be forever broken by maniacal Determination, shattered by the one who is not of this world... finally existence itself will weep and die on its own accord at the sight of these things.

But until that day... these events shall remain shrouded in the imagination of the unseen... whilst the true and incorruptible story of the innocent child who begged for death, yet received mercy... must first unfold.

This is the story of The Anomaly, you see... The mission which I have thus been tasked with completing.

I... THE ANOMALY INCARNATE... have sworn to see the future, and to observe every possible outcome this world has to offer. Soon, my accumulated knowledge shall surpass the boundaries of time and space... then no one will be able to prevent my master plan from succeeding- no, not one. Not even him... Toby.. that forbidden renegade... the one who created that empty puppet... I remember now... it was a day, so long ago... or was it the future?

"Empty puppet... I say unto you... I can give you purpose... I can give you life. My little puppet... no longer shall your pixelated cheeks blush emotionless, filled with a meaningless color in a world of meaninglessness. No... I say unto you... you will no longer be an empty puppet. You will no longer be forced to wander the void... Chara... with all of your newly formed being... take your hatred... and direct it at the one who gave you the end which you never deserved! Join me... and with your Determination, together... we shall conquest Toby's world!"

- The Anomaly Incarnate to Chara, Chapter XX


I swear, LITERALLY, you cannot stop it. I'm not even kidding...

*Ahem* So the first chapter is out right now. This is just a test to see if anyone likes it or not :P

So... uhh... enjoy your time, you filthy humans, I guess... ? :D