Undertale Distorted, Distinctive Destiny (or Undertale DDD) is a fan animation series of Undertale made by YouTuber Theking35. This is not a game, just an animation.

Overview (AU Debut Opening)

Once upon a time, a human fell down...

To a place we call "The Underground."

With each journey through the Underground, the human succeeded in fulfilling their destiny.




After hundreds of runs, the timelines began to shift and distort...

Now they journey through the newly distorted timeline, with a new destiny at hand.

A rather distorted, distinctive destiny...


This AU is established in a scenario where the Undertale Universe experiences dimensional shifts and distortions due to the countless re-runs of the game. The dimensional distortions have shifted the timeline to the point where it drastically shifts the properties and variables of the monsters, thus giving them new abilities and a whole new establishment of gameplay. Thanks to the shifts in the timeline, the story will also somewhat change. Basically, most of the monsters and fragments of the story's timeline are revamped due to the distortion.

The maker of these videos claims this is "an unofficial hard mode". The fights take a lot of inspirations from bullet hell games such as Touhou. There are two routes to this: Pacifist and Genocide. So far, 7 (Genocide) fights in total have been made.

These said Genocide fights are:

  • Tutorial Stage: Eanaro
  • Genocide Toriel - Toriel the Overseer
  • Genocide Papyrus - Boisterous Bellator Papyrus (B.B Papyrus)
  • Genocide Monster Kid - Foregone Kid
  • Genocide Gaster (Distortion Event)
  • Genocide Asgore (WIP)
  • Toby Fox (April Fools Event)

Episode 0 - Eanaro

The human wakes up and finds themselves unable to recollect any piece of memory of information regarding who they are, where they are and why they're here. After a string of thoughts questioning their existence, they are greeted to a vast open space. The open space appears to be a spinning sphere of binary code with flakes of blue energy floating about. Not long afterwards, the human is greeted by a mysterious entity who claims himself to be under the name "Eanaro". The obscured figure explains to the human that the space in which they are surrounded in, is actually their world that is rebooting fro a timeline distortion that impacted it. As such, it would appear that the overworld is now gone and any access to the human's world must be done through 'events'. Eanaro then discusses the human's loss of memory, stating that they've even forgotten their own name and that the scale of which they've forgotten, is becoming an issue. The issue being that the world cannot run unless the human is there to guide it's outcome, and given the human's amnesia, the world may not be governed in the proper way. Eanaro then states his purpose of why he's here: to help the human regain their memories on the world's core mechanics, so that they're fit to overcome the challenges ahead.

After stating his intentions, a battle sequence commences and Eanaro appears in a newly generated space, surrounded by distorted 0s and 1s. Eanaro then proceeds to teach the game's core mechanics to the human, who quickly adapts to the information being fed.

After overcoming the obstacles, Eanaro then closes off the battle sequence. However, as much as he would like to leave things as it is, he still shows skepticism of the human's ability to survive and further brings up the fact that the world may never advance so long as they remain incapable of surviving in it. As such, he challenges the human one last time - now with even harder; more brutal attacks.

After overcoming a vigorous array of attacks, the battle sequence abruptly ends with a light explosion that slowly fades away, leaving Eanaro standing there as he states that he is no longer able to fight due to the fact that the system, which he uses to fight the human with, has overworked itself and is now shifting to recovery mode. Eanaro is then convinced that the human is ready to overcome any challenges that lie ahead and thus ceases to challenge his strength any further.

Before the human and Eanaro part ways however, Eanaro proceeds to show the human something. He then takes the human to the 'Fight Selection' screen, which consists of a line of panels which display the appearances of the monsters the human can face. Behind the line of panels is a large ball of energy, sustained by two bolts of lightning on either side. Eanaro then fades in and explains that the panels are the 'events' that allow the human to access the world and its corresponding event. Afterwards, Eanaro then tells the human of another sort of event, called "Distortion Events". He explains that these events happen at random and are as equally random in what will happen in them. Afterwards, Eanaro takes the human back to the binary room and bids him farewell, telling the human that he is of no use to him anymore. He then fades away, assuring the human that they may meet again.

Episode 1 - Toriel the Overseer

This event consists of a Genocide Toriel fight, with the enemy named Toriel the Overseer.

The event appears to take place during the usual location where the human would exit the ruins, only to be stopped by Toriel. This time however, the human is stopped not out of Toriel's concern of their safety, but rather her suspicion of the human's actions. She urges the human to turn back, to which the human refuses and 'stands their ground'. This prompts Toriel to assume a completely different form to confront the human, in the hopes of deterring them from progressing any further.

Toriel undergoes a cinematic transformation, before revealing herself to be 'Toriel the Overseer'.

In the final moments of the fight, the human is pushed to their limits with 1 HP remaining. Toriel then proceeds to execute an attack that would've finished them off. However, Toriel could not bring herself to hurt the human any further and decides to cease her assault, as well as transforming back to her normal self. She then tries to persuade the human to come back with her upstairs and try to come to better terms. However, the human refuses the offer and instead ends up striking a defenseless Toriel. Utterly shocked and in disbelief, Toriel exclaims the fact that she was foolish in sparing the human's life and that she should've ended them when she had the chance. She then laughs hysterically before being struck a second time, which causes her to disintegrate.

Episode 2 - Boisterous Bellator Papyrus

This event consists of a Genocide Papyrus fight, with the enemy named Boisterous Bellator Papyrus.

The event takes place in the usual confrontation spot during the genocide run where Papyrus stands in the player's way, attempting to convince the human to deter from their path of destruction. As usual, Papyrus spares the human, to which the human attacks the merciful enemy. However, this particular turn of events involves Sans jumping in to take the lethal blow. Upon doing so, Sans then collapses and 'bleeds' as he begins to die. Before he completely fades to dust, he attempts to tell Papyrus to flee - hence why he sacrificed himself in the first place. However, his words are cut short as he fades away too soon. Papyrus is then left bewildered and practically overwhelmed by the events that transpired. Considering this as the perfect opportunity to strike, the human once more attempts to strike at the shaken Papyrus, who suddenly deflects the human's strike with a levitating bone that had been summoned. At this point, Papyrus' facial expression is ominously downcast as he questions the unpleasant emotions he is now feeling. Papyrus slowly states that the feelings he is bearing, is painful. However, the suspense and ominous atmosphere that was conjured by his slowed words and ominous, downcast expression had been dispelled by his sudden quirky outburst of how it was 'indigestion' all along, accompanied by the iconic, goofy expression on his face. Papyrus then shifts the premise of the issue towards his supposed indigestion and how he had eaten too much spaghetti. He even cracks a joke, before slowly losing his goofy demeanor and shifting back to a more serious composure as he acknowledges Sans' death. However, despite being grieved by the untimely death of his brother, he still attempts to keep up his optimism and resumes his mission in changing the human for the better.

Papyrus - now determined to rehabilitate the human after witnessing the cruel act of murder in front of his eyes, equips a suit of armor made by Undyne and Alphys to commemorate his title as 'Royal Guard' once he has become one. He then engages the human in a duel, amidst a rough blizzard blazing in the background. After several rounds of back-and-forth attacking and dodging, Papyrus unleashes the 'Bridge Puzzle' - consisting of a 'Ball-and-chain', Fiery pillars and a Robotic Toby Fox, equipped with spears and laser eyes. Soon after, the Robotic Toby Fox overheats and explode, causing clouds of smoke to engulf their surroundings and leaving Papyrus crippled and vulnerable. As Papyrus is struck with a blow that dealt 1/2 of his HP, he unleashes his final attack - shooting the human into the air to dodge a whole array of projectiles. As soon as the human lands, the final blow is dealt and Papyrus' mask disintegrates, revealing his exhausted, defeated face. Afterwards, Papyrus' suit of armor begins to malfunction and appears to be on the verge of blowing up. Remarkably, even as the human continuously resisted his attempts in helping them, Papyrus still tries to protect and help the human, telling them to stand back, lest they get hurt by the explosion that would ensue. Papyrus then bids them farewell - showing optimism to the fact that they can still change, before blowing up and disintegrating.

Episode 3 - Foregone Kid

This event consists of a Genocide Monster Kid fight, with the enemy named Foregone Kid.

As in the usual genocide run, the human will encounter Monster Kid on the bridge before the entrance to the cave leading to Hotland. The usual 'In My Way' scenario will play out with the respective theme Anticipation - being slowed down to an immense degree. As the human proceeds to strike Monster Kid however, the screen fades to white, accompanied by a charging sound akin to Mettaton Neo's transformation sound effect. It will then cut back to Monster Kid, who stands completely unharmed and ominously closing their eyes. Monster Kid - now being possessed by 'Goner Kid' appears to be relieved that they could make it in time to intervene the usual line of events, thanks to the timeline distortion that is occurring. Now anything can occur, including Goner Kid's intervention. Goner Kid then exclaims that they're tired of watching the human endlessly slaughter monsters continuously - to no end. Thus they have appeared before them in the hopes that they can put an immediate end to the human's rampage. They then engage the human in a fight - with the two entities combined to form 'Foregone Kid'.

Given that Foregone Kid is an amalgamation of Goner Kid and Monster Kid, their physical properties mimic the invulnerability that the Amalgamates possess. (Plus, also because Goner Kid negates any hits made against it, given their properties of being non-existent in the main game itself (More info later)). As such, the human has no choice but to persevere the ongoing onslaught brought forth by Foregone Kid.

Eventually however, Foregone Kid tires out and stops their attacks. They then question the human's persistence and display their confusion to why they would keep killing monsters endlessly. Much to their grief, Goner Kid states that perhaps the reason will be revealed to them, given that they've got eternity to figure out such enigmatic motives. Goner Kid then mysteriously vanishes from Monster Kid's body and Monster Kid is left alone, confused and vulnerable. The human then takes this opportunity to kill them once and for all. As the lethal blow is about to land however, Undyne steps in and takes the hit. Monster Kid then grieves for Undyne, seeing the events that had unfolded before their eyes. Undyne quickly tells Monster Kid to flee, stating that she'll handle the situation. Monster Kid then leaves, saddened and horrified. Undyne then calls the human out on the fact that they're smiling - thinking that they've won. Undyne however thinks otherwise to this notion and challenges the human to one last duel in the hopes of taking them down with her.

Despite being fatally wounded, to the point where she's essentially dead, Undyne still stands strongly and even manages to throw attacks at the human. Any attacks thrown against her seemingly do nothing - however it appears that with each blow, she moves more slowly and her attacks become slower as well. This whole scenario mimics the canon Undertale Neutral Route, where if Undyne gets killed, she has one final bout with zero HP. Finally, Undyne is split in half by the last blow and begins to fade away. Moments after every bit of her had disintegrated to nothing, Undyne reappears - reformed and standing strong once more. She then makes a heroic speech about how somewhere, somehow, a defiant, determined force within her gives her hope. She can feel this defiant force of hope not only from within her, but seemingly from everyone else as well - reforged to one SOUL; one goal: To defeat the human. Undyne then leaps into the air, shrouded in light, before landing upon a mountain top, reformed as Undyne the Undying.

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