The following positions are in existence, as well as how many seats filled in each one.

  • Executive - 2/0
  • Congress - 6/10
  • Content Moderator - 4/8
  • Discussion Moderator - 4/8
  • Chat Moderator - 3/8
  • Rollback - 3/12



A Bureaucrat and creator of Undertale Rho and 1984Tale. Takes the role of Migosp in UTAUWikiTale.


Currently inactive Bureaucrat, previously and Admin and a Content manager before that. Creator of Akintale and contributor to UTAUWikiTale (now runs that entirely). She can be found on pretty much any page. Takes the role of Napstablook and the Annoying Dog in UTAUWikiTale.



An Admin with quite a few OCs found here.


An Admin and close friend of 1WikiConstructionTemmie1. She an admin in the Underswap wiki.


An admin of nothing yet. He has created numerous stories such as Overthought Drama and Castellartale, along with his OCs that Consist of Castellar, Showcard, Calisto, Gus, Calibri and Forte. He often roleplays in chat or have quirky conversations, that or you can meet him in the comment section in a lot of pages.


An admin.

Bone Apetit:

An Admin. She is substitute for the former blocked admin, Kkcantgetright17 for time being. When his time is up ( Aka, Unblocked ) She is no longer the admin of content mods. ( Probably- )

Vincent Endethyst:




A Chat Mod, Discussions Mod, and Content Mod. She is the creator of Forevertale and is Chara in UTAUWikiTale.


A Chat Moderator.

Wiki Temmie

A content mod and a trash can

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