Otherwise known as 'wikiperson' or 'long name guy' is the original Bureaucrat. They have the OCs S.T, Swap and S.K and can be found role playing as them on pages in comment sections. They also came up with the idea of UTAUWikiTale where they are the monarch.


Recently added as a Bureaucrat, previously and Admin and a Content manager before that. Creator of Akintale and contributor to UTAUWikiTale (now runs that entirely). She can be found on pretty much any page. Takes the role of Napstablook and the Annoying Dog in UTAUWikiTale.


A Bureaucrat and creator of Undertale Rho and 1984Tale. Takes the role of Migosp in UTAUWikiTale.



An Admin with many OCs and many AUs. They can be found with Wikiperson role playing in comment sections. They are Toriel in UTAUWikiTale. They hope to one day be a bureaucrat for the Wiki. They are not discrete about it.


Max041 is the Admin in charge of the Chat Moderators. He writes Friendstale and is the River Person in UTAUWikiTale. He has also created the characters Asthet and Broken!Science, with the tendency to talk/moderate the chat still. Due to being an Admin that frequently goes on chat, he moderators the moderators so if you feel as though a Chat mod is abusing their powers, he's the one to go to.


An Admin with quite a few OCs found here.



A Content Moderator. He created the CNAS-Tale AU and it's wiki. He makes a large number of sprites for AUs with bad or no artwork.


A Content Moderator and close friend of 1WikiConstructionTemmie1. She is admin in the Underswap wiki.

Sakura's little sister:

A Chat Moderator that wishes to be an admin.


A Chat Moderator.


A Chat Moderator. She is the creator of Forevertale and is Chara in UTAUWikiTale.


A Chat Moderator.


A Chat Moderator.


A Chat Moderator

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