Article Creation
Article Deletion

Vandalism is one of the more serious offenses, and can be one of the quickest ways to a ban.

Some basic things defined as vandalism:

  • Removing large amounts of stuff without a given reason.
  • Changing or removing the bias of an article.
  • Doing unwarranted edits to userpages with a Template:DontEdit on it.
    • NOTE: Admins can edit userpages with DontEdits on them if said userpage contains rule-breaking content (such as spam categories) and Bureaucrats may add and remove categories on any page, regardless of DontEdit templates for the sake of the wiki and finding pages easily.
  • Undoing a constructive edit without a good reason.

Undoing edits

Undoing edits without a good reason can quickly lead to a fight (known as an "edit war"), so it is a good idea to discuss beforehand.

Admins and other staff always get the final say as to what happens, and this can only be overturned by a court decision.

Repeated edit warring can get you banned.

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