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Undertale AU Wiki
Welcome to the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale AUs.

There are currently 1,592 pages to the site, you can add more!

Check out our sister Wikis! There is the Undertale OC Wiki, as well as the UTAU Wiki RP Wiki, for doing your roleplays. And there is also the Undertale Ideas AU Wiki, the UTAU Self Insert AUs Wiki, and the Offspring Wiki.

This site contains spoilers for Undertale. if you have not completed the game, you may get spoiled.

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About Undertale AUs
Undertale Alternate Universes, or "AUs", are alterations to the story, world, and or characters of Undertale, be it crossovers, changes in aesthetic, or role-swaps.

"AU" is an umbrella term that includes "ATs".

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Which is your favorite Self-Insert AU?

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