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This Is Faxs Version Of PonyVille Dispair

Story Time

Two races lived in Equestria. Ponies and dragons. They lived at peace until one day, war broke out between both races. The dragons were victorious. They sealed the Ponies with a Spell Star-swirl.

-----YEARS LATER - MOUNT CANTERLOT 20XX----- A youngster dragon has fallen down.

Role Changes

Spike takes the role of Frisk.

Princess Celestia takes the role of Toriel.

Princess Luna (or Nightmare Moon) takes the role of Asgore.

Princess Cadence takes the role of Flowey/Asriel.

Rainbow Dash takes the role of Sans.

Pinkie Pie takes the role of Papyrus.

Shining Armor takes the role of Undyne.

Twilight Sparkle takes the role of Alphys.

Rarity takes the role of Mettaton.

Applejack takes the role of Muffet.

Fluttershy takes the role of So Sorry.

Personality Changes

The characters from Ponyville Despair have different personalities than their original Undertale counterparts. Sans, who takes the role of Rainbow Dash, acts more energetic. Papyrus, who takes the role of Pinkie Pie, acts somewhat like himself, except instead of stating "I'M A COOL DUDE", he states "I AM A SUPER DUPER PARTY PONY NAMED PINKIE". Alphys, who takes the role of Twilight Sparkle, acts less nerdy and is less nervous in social settings. Mettaton, who takes the role of Rarity, is more interested in fashion than obsessed with his legs.

The Upcoming Story

Sooooo My Version Of This AU is getting A Story In WattPad Here it is

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