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"A human fallen, with Amnesia."
– Intro

Undertale: Violet is an Undertale AU where a human with a Violet SOUL falls with amnesia.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

(skipping to the new part)

A human named FRISK saved MONSTERS.

But, now...

a human fallen, with amnesia.

What will they do?


This is kinda a switch up, since, monsters were freed.

The Player/Protagonist Role


Vio is a boy human child with a Violet SOUL.

Violet's trait?

Who knows.

The Empty One Role


Fauna is a flower who looks just like Flowey in Undertale.

Just like Flowey, he's evil.

The Caretaker Role


Flora is a flower with pink petals, aspects from God of Hyperdeath Asriel, and, thorns on her stem.

The Recluse Role


Dogi is Dogamy and Dogaressa's child.

She helps Flora in The Ruins.

The Judge Role


Plush is a soft monster, like a plushy.

He is a good friend, and, is pretty nice.

Since he's a stuffed animal, he can't move his mouth.

The Ambitious Role


Pudding is a golden retriever dog, and, best friend of Plush.

She has a red ribbon around her neck, and, wants to capture a human.

The Captain of the Guard Role


While not the guard's captain, Alphy does want to stop you.

Alphy has lightning magic from Alphys, and, spears from Undyne.

The Royal Scientist Role


Heart is a bear monster, with hearts all over her.

She likes Alphy and thinks he's cute.

The Monarch Role


Chara hears weird noises and goes to the flower garden.

She than fights you.

The Soulless Angel Role

Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel is pretty much the same.

You fight him because Flora and Fauna got along and became Flowey again.

After the fight, they split again.

The Fallen Role


Let is the Purple (Perseverance) SOUL and Vio's sister.

Let had a half SOUL, and, so did Vio.

Their SOUL halves combined when Vio fell and made the Violet SOUL.

Area Changes

The Ruins

  • The Ruins are green and have more flowers
  • You don't fight the Recluse in the same place. In the AU, you fight her instead of the dummy


  • The K9 Unit's stands have been taken down



New Home

  • You get the story of Frisk's journey
  • No matter which route, there's a chest in front of New Home


  • Flora and Fauna are split parts of Flowey. Flora's Asriel and Fauna's Flowey
  • Its kinda based off of Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon

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