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""A simple AU about anime and videogames.""
– Understuck

Understuck by Mspfa user Toreodere is a crossover AU set within the Homestuck universe, In similar vain to a swap AU, Various Homestuck characters make appearances throughout the story, Often taking on the original roles seen within Undertale while still keeping their original character traits and personalities.

The plot, While still remaining familiar with the usual formats of most other Undertale AUs, Will still be switched up in order to keep the story fresh and original.

About the AU

What has changed


  • The main characters from Undertale remain for the most part within their original roles, With some minor exceptions including the protagonist and a few others that are yet to be revealed.
  • Frisk is replaced by a as of yet Unnamed troll referred to as "Shameless Ripoff"
  • Flowey remains for the most part the same, With most changes to them being mostly visual, e.g a lack of eyes. (done simply as a style choice)
  • Toriel remains as the guardian of the ruins, But does not work alone, Having a young troll by the name of Kanaya Maryam by her side who she intends to take on her role in the following years.
  • Vriska Serket appears in a as of yet unknown role, Seemingly able to contact the protagonist throughout their journey on a whim.
  • Sans was shown in a brief teaser on the Understuck blog, Not much is known about their current role in the story.

The story so far



Early character sprites (Presumably non-canon)

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