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Undershambles is an AU where war is avoided, but things don't get any better.

About the AU

After the fall of his two sons, instead of declaring war on humanity, Asgore fell into a depression, soon becoming too absorbed in his grief to rule his kingdom. Soon, the Royal Guard overthrows the Dreemur family, and over time the rule of the Royal Guard begins to drastically alter the Underground. They have 6 souls. And with a human spotted in the Ruins, the 7th might be coming soon...


  • After overthrowing the king, the Royal Guard began to get rid of people who were still loyal to the fallen king. After Gaster, the ex-Royal Scientist, was thrown into the CORE, a malfunction occurred and Toriel was able to escape, but not before having CORE liquid spilled onto her...
  • ...And once she returns to the RUINS, she trips and falls into a bed of flowers. Due to contamination, some of the flowers bond to her body, although they do not seem to be dangerous. She was later found by Asgore, and the two set up home in the RUINS.
  • Flowey is shocked but intrigued by how everything has played out, but tends to act more heartless due to Asriel feeling like it's all his fault, thus causing a much more pessimistic view.
  • Toriel still leads Frisk through the RUINS, but now Asgore lives in Home, in shock over how he and his kingdom has fallen. He blames himself for everything and nearly takes it out on Frisk when they try to leave, replacing the Toriel fight. The fight ends when Toriel finds Asgore and calms him down, at which point Toriel says Frisk should leave.
  • There's a secret rebellion group against the Royal Guard led by Toriel and Asgore.
  • Sans, the ex-assistant of Gaster, is part of the rebellion, wearing a Delta Rune t-shirt underneath his hoodie. After being thrown into the CORE and becoming trapped in the void, Gaster tried to communicate with Sans, accidentally showing Sans the multiverse, causing a crack to form in his eye. This causes Sans to become a nervous wreck over the scale of said multiverse, and he tends to space out or stop halfway through a pun.
  • Papyrus is sheltered from most of what the Royal Guard does by Sans and Undyne, but has recently begun to piece things together after being attacked for discussing how cool the Royal Guard is as leaders.
  • Undyne was originally the head of the Royal Guard in the overthrowing, but after learning of the executions and after seeing them abuse Alphys, the Royal Guard's scientist, she quits and becomes a vigilante. She wears a delta rune bandanna, and is more determined from wanting to stop the Royal Guard.
  • Alphys is mentally tortured, both by the abuse the Royal Guards give her for her failed experiments (see: Amalgamates and failed attempts to bring them to the surface) and the guilt of the Amalgamates, until it eventually broke her into more of a mad scientist mindset. She converted the half-ruined CORE into a freakshow, showcasing the Amalgamates and her greatest creation...
  • Mettablook. After finding and capturing two ghosts, she built a body for the two of them...key word being a body. They're forced to share, and over time have slowly worn down their identities to the point that by the time Frisk finds them, they're basically bipolar.
  • Muffet was put in debt by the Royal Guard's taxes, and is hiding from "collectors". She's lost two of her arms, and can only summon two lines during her battle instead of the standard 3. Her pet is also faster due to eating less.
  • The CORE is half-destroyed due to a meltdown, forcing you to take detours that lead you up close and personal to the Amalgamates in the Freakshow.
  • New Home was mostly demolished during the overthrowing of Asgore, but was left as a symbol of the Royal Guard's power. The Throne Room was expanded, becoming a new castle for the Royal Guards. Frisk's fights with the Royal Guard uses each SOUL type:
    • Doggo uses Blue SOUL Mode.
    • Lesser Dog uses Green SOUL Mode.
    • Dogaressa and Dogamy use the Purple and Yellow SOUL Modes.
    • Greater Dog uses Red SOUL Mode.
      • In a Neutral run, you cannot spare Greater Dog.
      • In a Pacifist run, you have to survive 10 turns before the battle ends.
  • In the Neutral Route, Flowey appears after Greater Dog dies, maddened by their grief, breaks the containers of the human souls, becomes Omega Flowey, and attempts to eradicate the Underground, feeling that it is the only way to make up everything going so badly. Here Flowey admits into playing part of the Underground's fall, but now how he related to it. The battle proceeds as normal, albeit the dialogue is similar to the battle against Asriel in the original game (Flowey wants you to give up and let him win), and after you beat him, he will beg for death. If you pick FIGHT, he thanks you for his penance and dies, but if you pick MERCY, his reaction is the same as the original (not understanding and running away).
  • In the Pacifist Route, after surviving 10 turns with Greater Dog, the rebellion arrives, stopping the battle. Toriel and Asgore try to make Greater Dog step down, but after a moment of denial, Flowey appears and steals everyone's souls ala the original game, but there is an overall tone of grief to the battle, having to fight through four phases representing a stage of grief: Depression, Anger, Denial, Bargaining. When Asriel resurfaces, acceptance occurs, which causes Asriel to realize he can right it all and break the Barrier. From there, the game continues as normal, which Greater Dog giving up power since they no longer need the Underground.
  • In Sans's genocide battle, at the point where he "spares" you, you actually hit him. But instead of dying, he snaps, causing him to become soulless due to his exposure to other timelines. He attacks with reckless abandon, becoming more difficult but not lasting as many rounds before he falls apart.

Soundtrack (New Songs)

No. Title Plays Leitmotif(s)
1 The Fallen King When Fighting Asgore Heartache, ASGORE, Ruins
2 Rebellious Bargoers In Grillby's
3 Freakshow When Exploring the Freakshow Here We Are, Another Medium
4 MELTDOWN When Exploring the Broken CORE Here We Are, CORE
5 The Royal Gate When Fighting Doggo Enemy Approaching, Dogsong, ASGORE
6 The Court Jester When Fighting Lesser Dog Enemy Approaching, Dogsong, ASGORE
7 The Royal Advisors When Fighting Dogamy and Dogaressa Stronger Enemies, Dogbass, ASGORE
8 The Greatest Dog When Fighting Greater Dog Stronger Enemies, Dogsong, ASGORE, Determination
9 The White Flower Before Omega Flowey's Fight Your Best Friend, Determination
10 The Black Flower When Fighting Omega Flowey Your Best Nightmare, Determination, Burn in Despair
11 Let Me Win! In the Second Phase of Omega Flowey's Fight Finale, His Theme, Save the World
12 The Calvalry When the Rebellion ends the Pacifist battle against Greater Dog Fallen Down (Reprise), Bring It In Guys!
13 Dreams of Grief When Fighting Asriel Dreemur Your Best Nightmare, Hopes and Dreams, Burn In Despair
14 Repent When talking to Asriel after the battle His Theme, Burn in Despair
15 True Determination When Fighting Undyne the Undying Battle Against a True Hero, Bonetrousle, Alphys
16 APATHY When Fighting Soulless Sans

(Sans Phase 2)

MEGALOVANIA, It's Raining Somewhere Else, Gaster's Theme


Undershambles (Draft 1)