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AUTHOR'S NOTE: No, this is not an AU about Runescape nor does it have anything to do with DOTA.

AUTHOR'S SECOND NOTE: This AU and therefore this page contains an OC I made. To get information on both him and his Underscape version, go to this link:


Underscape is an AU where the Underground is replaced by a realm called the Forgotten Realm. It consists of five sectors, each with its own environment/biome. Three of the sectors is home to a certain faction of monsters. These factions constantly wage wars, although most of them live under the rule of the Grand Vikings (Explained in the "Factions" section below). The realm is extremely barren, dominated mostly by vast, empty landscapes. This AU took some inspiration from Middle Earth and the Lord of the Rings in general. The names of the locations are inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.



The Underscape equivalent of Snowdin. A barren desert of snow and ice, Snowhelm is home to the Shadowfrost Assassins. This group of assassins took over a small fishing village, which was a sentry post for the Viking Guard, and it now acts as their main base and home. The biting winds and extreme cold make it a difficult place to survive in, but it only helps to conceal the assassins, which is why they chose to live there.

The Flamelands

The Underscape equivalent of Hotland. An empty, scorching desert filled with lava pits and burned forests, The Flamelands are what resulted from centuries of brutal war. The only structure besides destroyed villages and wells is Dr Alphys' lab. Alphys currently does not have a description yet, but this will be changed in the future.


The Underscape equivalent of Waterfall. Rainfall is a vast ocean, scattered with beautiful islands. It almost never rains, giving it a tropical feel, but the storms are incredibly vicious and deadly. This sector is home to the Rainfall Pirates, led by Undyne. They serve King Asgore, although they will not object to fighting against him if they have to.

The Citadel

The Underscape version of the Capitol/Asgore's Castle. This sector of The Forgotten Realm is very different to the rest of the realm. It mostly consists of forests and plains, with a large citadel in the centre. This is the home of the Grand Vikings, as well as King Asgore. The majority of the monsters in the realm live here, since the rest of it is so barren and harsh.

The Fields of Banishment

The Underscape version of The Ruins. This is easily the creepiest sector. It is dull, grey and almost completely devoid of life. The only living being in this sector is Toriel, who cast herself into banishment just to get away from Asgore. The one structure in this sector is The Outcast Ruins, where Toriel lives.


The Shadowfrost Assassins

These assassins live in Snowhelm. They believe in a strong sense of community, abiding by the rule of "no man left behind". Their nominated leader is Cambria, who is easily the most strategic out of all of them. While not being the most physically strong out of the assassins, he is definitely the most agile and intelligent. His strategic thinking and incredible leadership have given the assassins incredible success. Only one recorded death has ever happened among them.

CURRENT KNOWN MEMBERS: Cambria, Sans, Grillby, 24 other unidentified.

The Rainfall Pirates

This band of pirates operates in Rainfall. Despite being pirates, they are friendly and energetic around each other and anyone who's on their side. Their leader is Undyne, much for the same reasons that Cambria is leader of the Shadowfrost Assassins. She's strong, tough and keeps a positive, care-free atmosphere among the pirates.

CURRENT KNOWN MEMBERS: Undyne, Papyrus, Monster Kid, 57 other unidentified.

The Grand Vikings

Consisting of King Asgore and his soldiers, this elite group of warriors rules over the Forgotten Realm with an iron fist as well as iron weapons. They live in the Citadel, lead by King Asgore. Being the strongest monster in the realm, he is respected and unchallenged by most of the monsters in the realm. The only faction that does not live under his rule is the Shadowfrost Assassins, who live in solitude and isolation, operating by their own rules.

CURRENT KNOWN MEMBERS: Asgore, Doggo, Greater Dog, Lesser Dog, Dogamy, Dogaressa, 64 other unidentified.


Frisk: The determined, but scared, pacifist and accidental adventurer who wanders the Forgotten Realm searching for a way out.

Cambria: Leader of the Shadowfrost Assassins and master strategist. Responsible for pretty much every victory they've ever won.

Sans: Brother of Cambria and the Shadowfrost Assassins' head sentry/scout.

Papyrus: First mate of the Rainfall Pirates, good friend of Undyne and brother of Sans and Cambria.

Undyne: Captain of the Rainfall Pirates. Upbeat, tough and stubborn, she never backs down from a fight or an arm-wrestling competition.

Alphys: ???

Asgore: King of the Forgotten Realm and leader of the Grand Vikings. He rules over the realm and has tremendous amounts of respect from the monsters in it.

Toriel: Self-banished queen of the Forgotten Realm. She lives in the Outcast Ruins, in the Fields of Banishment, hoping that someone will find her eventually.

This AU belongs to Tumblr user rofltatoes

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