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Underrise is an AU created by DeviantArt user Ask-Bluestar14[1]

Underrise Beyond is the story of Sanzter and his past before the current events of the current series, Underrise. Underrise Beyond has five archs; Power, Malevolent, Target, PTSD, and Fallen.

Beginning Story

IMG 0861

(I will draw a new cover for my Underrise Beyond comic, but until then, this will be the picture. Dun get made a meh please) Sans, Undertale (c) Toby Fox Sanzter, Young Sanzter, Underrise, Art (c) Ask-Bluestar14 (DeviantArt)/SanzterUnderrise (Here!)

The story starts out as the epilogue, with a Royal Scientist who had just created two new monsters. She is suddenly interrupted when an explosion caused the celing to crack, she flees with the two small monsters in her magic grip. Once she reaches the surface, she is faced with the battlefield of the war between the humans and the monsters. King Asgore calls to all of his monsters to flee to the Underground and she follows his voice through the thick smoke and fog of the battlefield. As she runs, bodies and piles of dust lay scattered across the land and she fears the worst. King Asgore comes into view but once she was about to run over, a human fired a fireball at her, causing her to drop the two small monsters and her being injured badly. King Asgore doesn't see this until the human prepares to finish her off, he quickly makes his way over but it was too late. An explosion behind her went off and she fell. King Asgore made his way finally over to her and holds her in his arms as she speaks, she oddly had blood staining her white cloak. She told him to take care of her sons which were the small monsters she was carrying before she turned to dust in his arms. He mourned but knew that he had to flee or he'd be killed as well.

King Asgore grabs the two small monsters and runs towards the Underground entrance but once he was in front, helping other monsters flee inside, a wall of fire exploded in front of him and he had dropped the monsters in his arms. He lay there, defeated, ready to accept defeat and death as the humans approached him with weapons and magic drawn to kill. But, King Asgore is surprised when he sees one of the small monsters she had been carrying defend him, he was a small skeleton. He had summoned his very first attack which were white and blue bones but they were weaker than any attack any monster could perform, that had stopped the humans long enough for King Asgore to regain himself and grab him and the other monster out of the way when one of the humans leaped up and prepared to kill them with his swords. King Asgore fled and even with the wall of fire before him, he leaped forward, making it through. But once he reaches the other side and another explosion happened just a little far out from the entrance along with the barrier being sealed, he noticed that he didn't have the two monsters. King Asgore cried out and thought they were dead and had perished to the flames and or humans. The monsters are forced to live in the Underground and King Asgore is forced to live with the fact he couldn't save his best friend and her sons. But what he doesn't know is that those two small monsters, are alive and rise up from the ashes of their gone mother and the older brother rises to become the greatest monster in Underrise, Sanzter.

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