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The comic: Underpunk! is a standalone comic series under the same name as the Underpunk! AU. The issues are broken up in fragment's of Frisk's memories since the reset (as the story is told from their point of view). The series also does not go in chronological order, according to the creator.

The creator has provided a masterpost of the comic series in its entirety here.


The events in the comic series take place in a devastating reset not long after the True Pacifist Route that results in a sudden rise in anarchy, ultimately crushing the previous Monarchy government of all monsters.

Frisk returns to the Underground, accompanied by friends: sans, Papyrus, and Undyne, who have been infused with the souls of previous fallen children.

How does a punk deal with all of this heartache? Music of course. Centered around the lives of the deadly quartet (four), they experience the surreal life of punk history and culture that changes their lives forever.



The first ever publication begins as a series of flashbacks with the narration of Frisk, recounting their losses after the reset. They also mention their companions as being those who managed to overcome the adversity despite their situations, most likely comparing them to the souls. However; it is unknown whether the names are synonymous with the souls.
Tumblr inline oikj07DcsB1uyvyk8 500

Second to last page of the published prologue.

The prologue ends with a piece of dialogue directed to Frisk stating: "Frisk..It's time to wake up again." The unknown voice says 'again' as if aware of how many times Frisk has awakened, implying that the dream state is indeed becoming reality.

Official cover of Issue #2

Rude Awakening

The second issue is a comical short, introducing the protagonist's life living with their companions after being woken up suddenly (a play on words regarding the title) as well as insight on each of the character's personalities. Near the issue's conclusion, Sans drops commentary on his mysterious "Gastercycle" and the mention of Alphys: confirming that she is still alive during that time period.

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