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  Underpunk (or Underpunk!) is a basic change/special event AU created by tumblr user, Vanitas as he was inspired by his love for heavy/metal and rock music, finally deciding to adapt the idea into an alternate universe. 

The AU itself has developing concept art, as well as a comic series. ​ 


Underpunk is set after a brief time in the True Pacifist Route (timeline), before resetting as chaotic anarchy unfolds once King Asgore is discovered to have gone missing. Since his (ex-)wife Toriel resigned from her place as Queen long ago, the fallen Monarchy could not be restored. The focal interest of the story originally was meant to center around the lives of sans, Papyrus, and Undyne: but later became expanded on the AU's cultural purpose of rock history and music.  

However; the comic series follows Frisk (now a teenager) reemerging after said reset in the Underground, accompanied by Sans, Undyne, and Papyrus (whom have been infused with the human souls). Set upon a staking quest to rescue the timeline from its own demise, the heroes are armed with guitars instead of knives. 


​Have yet to be designed

  • Mettaton
  • Alphys 
  • Napstablook 
  • Burgerpants 
  • Asgore
  • Flowey 


  • sans, Papyrus and Undyne form a band titled: Helvetica (after the respectable font name), and play at Grillby's exclusively on Fridays. sans states at some point or another that "most show their true selves on a Friday night". 
  • Interestingly enough, the AU itself was first established on August 5th, 2016: which also fell on a Friday. 
  • sans owns a leather jacket, but is hardly ever seen wearing it. 
  • Frisk's depiction of the "dog collar" around their neck is stated to have started a fashion trend throughout the Underground. 
  • Mainly occuring in the comic series, Undyne is drawn with piercings on her left fin. 
  • Helvetica (band) has an unoffical album titled: Skeleton Mermaid, accompanied by album art. 


  • Though monsters such as sans, Undyne, and Papyrus are successfully infused with the souls of humans, it is not revealed how or why.
  • It is currently unknown why sans posesses a different soul to his own than the other characters (ex. Papyrus-bravery). 
  • It is implied that the names of souls are synonymous with traits of certain characters, but not confirmed.