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The idea of Underorigin is that all the characters, locations, ect. that were scrapped came back into the original Undertale, as well as unused character designs and personalities. This AU is a work in progress, and not everything will have been changed if it wasn't changed. When the idea was made, there was a problem: I couldn't really choose which versions of the original designs of characters and other things should be- until I thought about FUN (Fundamental Universe Number) Values, numbers in the original Undertale that changed the game depending on what number it was from 1 to 100. Fun Values would play the role of being randomized to see what features were going to be put in the game and what features weren't. Little (if not none) AU's used the Fun Values Concept, so I thought this would be an original idea... more or less. I decided to raise the Fun Value concept to times tables (e.g in order for the gray door to appear, the number would have to be a multiple of 17). And so, Underorigin began.


Characters play an essential role in Underorigin. There are two categories of characters: scrapped characters and unused designs.

Unused Designs

Papyrus/New Times Roman

Papyrus (also known as New Times Roman or NTW) is the second boss character and deuteragonist in Underorigin. Papyrus is ambitious and naive, while New Times Roman is ambitious and naive as well as slick. Papyrus often looks towards his older brother (by two seconds) Sans for advice and guidance, however, Sans constantly just keeps making jokes and and being lazy. Unlike the original Papyrus, this Papyrus either has more diamond-shaped eyes, a hat and a scarf if the Fun Values are multiples of 6. If the fun values are multiples of 11, Papyrus is turned into New Times Roman.

Undyne/Anime Fish

Undyne (also known as Anime Fish) is the third boss character and deuteragonist in Underorigin. She is a hardcore, determined and ongoing fish monster who has the rank of Captain of the Royal Guard. She has a crush on the lizard monster Alphys (who can be both male or female depending on if the fun value was a multiple of 2). If the Fun Value is a multiple of 3, Undyne will have big lips an eyes, generally looking more like a fish. If the Fun Value is a multiple of 7, Undyne will have more bushy hair.

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