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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

About The AU

Underneath is a switch-up AU I made. You can see the characters at I also made skins of the characters on a Minecraft skin site called Miners Need Cool Shoes. This AU does not have anything to link to.


  • Papyrus is the same, just the same size as Frisk.
  • Monster Kid swapped with Sans. Sans is the same colour as Monster Kid and he has a tail. Monster Kid has a jacket like Sans.
  • Flowey is swapped with Napstablook.
  • Frisk is swapped with Undyne, instead of having big long spears, Frisk has tiny spears that are the size of three apples stacked.
  • Muffet is swapped with Chara.
  • Asgore is swapped with Mettaton. Blue and orange attacks when you fight him are bombs, instead of his trident in normal Undertale.
  • Gaster is swapped with Asriel.
  • Alphys is swapped with Toriel.
  • Froggits are swapped with Temmies.
  • Snowdrake is swapped with Migosp
  • Whimsun is swapped with Whimsalot.
  • Loox is swapped with Moldsmal.
  • Annoying Dog(aka Toby Fox) is swapped with Doggo.
  • The Nice Cream Guy is swapped with Ice Cap.
  • Pyrope is swapped with The Royal Guards.
  • Madjick is swapped with Knight Knight.



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